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*Note: sometimes the photos in these thumbnails and those on the listing page can appear to be distorted but when viewed in large size they will appear normally. You can view a large photo of each item by clicking on the thumbnail here. Then after you are taken to the listing page, where the sellers description and comments are available, clicking on it again to view the large size image of the item and any other details the seller has provided. Remember: you can post a topic on our discussion board asking others for their opinion about any item you see here or for sale anywhere else. You can also post a picture of that item, should it not be for sale in the KAZBAH, by using our software to upload the picture here. You will find instructions to do this when you go to the discussion board. But beware, this is the KAZBAH and any comments made may have hidden agendas behind them!
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Tibetan Carpet Fragment.
2002-12-01 06:12:56 ID# sle_num
sale [price:0]
2002-11-30 05:21:48 ID# sle_num
sale [price:00]
[4] bids history
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