However, there are three hard and fast rules for posting for sale pictures and descriptions:

1. only hand-knotted pile rugs, flat-wovens like sumaks and kelims, and jijims, etc. and any and all weaving and other textiles made on non-mechanized looms can be posted for sale. Their age as well as their country of origin are immaterial ­ new, old, semi-antique, antique, Near Eastern, Far Eastern, Oriental, American South American, Oceanic, ­ everything and anything woven by hand, hand loomed, or embroidered from anywhere on the globe.
2. once an item is posted for sale anything goes UNTIL the seller and buyer have reached agreement and exchanged a bill of sale, then normal and acceptable business practices must be follows as both parties should consider themselves legally bound to complete their part of that agreement without any possibility of change or deviation.
3. By posting any for sale items, the seller agrees upon the successful completion of a sale to pay a 10%(ten percent) commission based on the final selling price received for each item posted.

Ok you might now ask : how does all this flexibility help the buyer besides letting him make a high offer to a seller to win an item or make a time-sensitive offer? In fact it doesn't and for this reason RUGKAZBAH. com has added the ultimate buyers tool, the court of public opinion. Any prospective buyer can solicit commentary from our readership at large about anything posted for sale here, as well as posting pictures of their intended purchases found elsewhere.

Of course we recognize the strong chances and myriad of reasons, both premeditated or through ignorance, for misleading, deceitful or even downright slanderous commentary to appear about any posted item, question or personality. However, the openness and freedom of the unregulated, uncensored environment offers to all will be able to counter such behavior by providing other more truthful and unbiased viewpoints. Again we envision our kazbah will, like the jungle, create a balance where both unwarranted and inaccurate praise and criticism can be tempered by the truth and objectivity only present in an open and transparent selling system like ours.

All this is FREE, Free, free as only the successful seller is required to pay the nominal ten percent commission if and when a sale is consummated through a posting on our site. Filling in a simple registration form, which asks only for your name and email address, is only required to buy or sell while to post photographs for comments, post messages or respond to them on our unmoderated discussion board and, of course to view any areas of our site, required no registration.

Take a look at the items offered for sale in the Kazbah, or visit our discussion board and if you want to buy and sell here on our site please click on one of the links provided on the top or bottom of this page to register.

All are welcome and free to do as they please here at RUGKAZBAH.COM