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The system for selling your items on RUGKAZBAH.COM is ostensibly similar to other internet and regular auctions as it allows sellers to set a price or take bids. However all similarities end there because our sales system provides the ultimate seller's tool ­ the ability to change from one sales mode to the other at the sellers discretion and at any time until an acceptable agreement is reached with a buyer. This agreement is then confirmed by an email exchange using a bill of sale provided by RUGKAZBAH.COM web servers.

For example, a seller could originally post an item asking for bids and end up selling directly to someone who made an offer that couldn't be refused on the first day!! Or when starting in the set price mode and soon realizing a number of buyers want it at that price (which probably means the price was set too low) quickly switch over to an ask for offer mode and let them bid for it. This is impossible to do anywhere else, but here at RUGKAZBAH.COM, it is perfectly acceptable. Remember this is the kazbah and anything goes!

Having these possibilities can provide the seller the opportunity to add elements of flexibility and surprise while it also grants buyers the chance to call the shots and consummate on their schedule by quickly making an offer the seller can't refuse. These types of seller/buyer tools are prohibited and discouraged in all other types of sales venues but our aim is to change this and we are positive it will not only work but do so incredibly well for all parties, even us as the seller will be required to pay a 10 percent commission if the buyer learned of the item on our site.

Unlike all other websites, which require participants to register to play and sellers to pay initiation, set-up or start-up and posting fees, none of these are required and instead you will find a totally open, unregulated and unsupervised environment where anything and everything is allowed and out in the open from the get-go. The only fee we assess is a 10% commission all successful sellers will be required to pay only after their items have been successfully sold.