In days of old the kazbah, also known as casbah or kasbah, was a special, separate locale in the market place. There one could locate and purchase unusual, difficult to find goods of all types and services that were normally unavailable elsewhere or forbidden. It was an unsupervised environment and, this being its major attraction, when going there one was never exactly sure of what might happen or what dangers might be present. Internet auction sites and discussion boards should be considered today's high-tech versions, however, unlike days of old these modern kazbah do have rules and supervisory authorities. But in reality their artificial and mostly capricious nature provide no real safeguards for participants and instead only create new power bases to exploit the free flow of ideas and commerce.

Even though the kazbah was wild and unregulated it functioned quite well because it operated under the same rules of natural order that exist in the jungle. There the interaction of variety of natural forces managed to keep everything in balance, this natural order keeping any one factor from overwhelming the others and, primarily for this reason, it worked. By and large internet auction site and boards don't and when it comes to Oriental Rug sites it appears to us none of them do. These sites have yet to create a system that operates as well as the kazbah did and yet for participants they still present an equal number of dangers and pitfalls.

It is for this reason we, the founders of this site, feel combining an innovative flexible selling structure with free, open and unsupervised discussion will create a similar type of rule of the jungle environment where both sellers and buyers can and will benefit equally.