Presently there are a number internet discussion boards concerned with Oriental rugs and their organizers heavily censor all of them. That point aside, these sites have been unable to generate much interest, as their small readerships and even smaller number of posters clearly shows. The reasons for this could be many but we feel this moderation and censorship are most probably primary.

The artificial and contrived environments they maintain come from the presence of omnipotent moderators or censors who limit, control and even alter the topics or posts at will to steer discussion in a desired direction. This factor plus their forbidding many types of conversation now permitted and condoned in our society and the prudishness and political correctness they espouse combine to create as phony and affected a situation as the content they often try to pass off as news, information and knowledge. Therefore nothing will be forbidden or taboo on RUGKAZBAH's board, here you will find no sacred cows or the in-group favoritism that stifles participation and interest in these other websites.

RUGKAZBAH.COM offers to all an open, free and unmediated discussion board where anything goes, where any topic is allowed and where there will be no vetting or censoring of any kind. Nothing will be forbidden and everything, except unlawful behavior, will be permitted and encouraged. We envision this board as a place where any and everything pertaining to the world of old and antique as well as semi-antique, decorative and even new hand-knotted pile rugs and all non-mechanized loom made weavings textiles and fabrics can and will be open for commentary, discussion and critique as well as praise and admiration.

By allowing both commercial and no-commercial topics, as well as personal likes and dislikes, opinions and even blatantly biased statements or outright lies - in fact anything and everything falling within our stated purview - RUGKAZBAH.COM'S unsupervised discussion board will generate the most interesting and, perhaps, controversial place to read, learn, laugh and, perhaps even cry about the world of Oriental rugs and hand made weavings from all other areas and the community of personalities and people who are involved with them.