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Mon, Jul 9th, 2007 10:10:05 AM
Topic: More on Birth of a Design

Of this summers crop of discussions might it rather be said discussions with myself, the Birth of a Design was far and away the most visited and popular.

Its clear there are a lot of fans for pre-1850 soumak khorjins and rightly so considering their gem qualities and true rarity.

Its also clear some aficionados are either unable to see the subtle (and often not very subtle differences) between a good example and a great one or they just have never seen a genuinely great one.

Looking at pictures in books, auction catalogs, on the net or in an exhibition is far different for seeing them with your hands.

Not to go into the sand-pit of difficulty one faces in wanting to learn about rugs but relying on books, pictures and even seeing them in an exhibition or dealers showrooms without commentary from a knowledgeable, unbiased source as reference is as foolish as teaching yourself to drive by getting behind the wheel alone.

Whats this all about you might ask? Simply collectors like ralph kaffel are not stupid nor are they lazy opinions about them one might draw from what has been written here.

No, kaffels failure, and he is not alone there are plenty other big spender 'ruggies like him, is the belief he can teach himself.

Well Ralph et.al. sorry you cant and your accumulations, by and large, prove this in spades.

That said lets go forward with Birth of a Design.

For all you A students the following two photos might clue you into this next chapter for the rest of you stay tuned to part II of More on Birth of a Design

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