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Fri, Jul 11th, 2003 04:32:07 PM
Topic: No Bunk at Brunk

Several weeks ago I took a spin down to Ashville, N.C. to attend a sale at the Brunk Auction House. There was a small collection of carpets, a couple of which were worth the drive even if it was 15 hours from NYC. But one in particular, a by now quite infamous so-called Karapinar, surely would have been worth not only a half day's drive but also walking across a bed of hot coals.
The sale proved to be a stellar moment for this carpet whose destiny might have turned out quite diffferently had another turn of events transpired. Sometime real soon I will post photos of it and some of the other pieces from the collection as well as a few bit of inside info.
Stay tuned more to follow.

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