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Sat, Sep 26th, 2020 11:58:41 AM
Topic: insta-idiot


Over the decades RK has been online we have had our full share of bullshit from copyists and plagiarists, as well as just dumb and downright assinine douchebags

However, recently we encountered the king of the shitpile. Someone so stupid it defies description.

Sure, sure, mr kaykaysen as he calls himself can always claim this is just a spoof done to try and ridicule us. But any such excuse or explanation instantly fades like a cheap T shirt in a hot wash. Insta-idiot is dumb as they come.

The other day a reader informed us someone called kaykaysen1934 on instagram posted some pictures of ours. We asked for screen shots and they appear below, with brief comments from us.

The first is a picture of our living room in N.Y. City circa 1982. We published this picture in December 2009 in Part VII.A of our Anatolian Opus aka RK examines Anatolian kelim.


Mr insta-idiot's caption is bogus as the moon is made of green cheese. Two other of our Anatolian kelim are visible. They, and absolutely nothing else in this picture, or the picture itself, belongs to the insta-idiot.

The second picture RK made in 1980 while in the storage depot of the famous Mosque in Beysehir, Turkey.

It, too, was published in December 2009 by RK in our Anatolian Opus Part XIII.


Mr insta-idiots caption is even more ludicrous than believing the moon is made of green chese. It needs no further comment.

The third copyright picture mr insta-idiot has stolen from RK and published without permission or even proper credit is a detail of an Anatolian kelim we have owned since 1979. It first appeared in print in 1989 in our Image Idol Symbol: Ancient Anatolian Kelim publication. It has as well been published online several times on rugkazbah.com. Howver, its first online publication was in 1997 in the first exhibition on the Weaving Art Museum website.


We cannot say we are at all flattered by what the insta-idiot has done, regardless of the idiom quipped by Oscar Wilde imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Sorry, but insta-idiots unauthorized use of our images and preposterous claims to them warrant a response from RK, and as soon as we find out who kaykaysen is rest assured we will.

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