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Fri, Sep 11th, 2020 11:47:36 AM
Topic: facebook serious? Are you serious...

Today we were informed someone posted the following to the "kilim" facebook group page:

There are only THREE FB rug sites which are serious: The Weftkickers, Kilim and Warp and Weft.

Please now, just the fact none of these groups allow anyone who is not a member to contribute, or even follow them, makes mockery they are anything but self-congratulatory platforms where outside opinions are not only frowned upon, they are prohibited.

We know this is fact thanks to our having been censored and having what we posted removed many more times than once.

Granted the "kilim" group allows non-members to read what is posted, while the others have their doors permanently barred to non-members.

This is typical for rugDUMB and not until it changes, and we do not only mean facebook's rug groups, can there be any hope to rescue rug studies and appreciation from the dismal condition it has over the past two decades spiraled down into.

The gatekeepers, like those who administer these and other facebook rug groups, those who control what appears in hali magazine or those who formerly ran the now basically defunct icoc and acor organizations need a major wake-up call.

It's time for "All rug opinions matter". Get it, guys? What are you afraid of...

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