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Mon, Jul 6th, 2020 11:45:57 AM
Topic: Top gun Rug-Shootout in Rouen, France

Last Saturday in Rouen, France at the Normandy auction several top flight classical rugs went under the hammer.

Rumors have it Moshe Tabibnia scooped up the best of them. He did not steal anything but paid probably 50% of what they are worth.

For instance, the Holbein, lot 209, made 110,000 euro plus commissions.

Like the Lotto, lot 210, the Holbein was not in the group of the earliest vintage. Both were in our estimation late 16th, not earlier.

Rare in the marketplace but decidedly inferior to numerous great examples.

Our pick had we been in the running was lot 208, the eastern Anatolian Kurdish golden field carpet. Also, it was not a best of type, that honor still with the ex-Skinner jim burns collection example. But it was better than others and in fact a close second to the ex-Skinner one.

All in all a good day for the consignor and Normandy auction. Had these lots been at a sale in London or New York they likely would have sold for more but not nearly as much as Tabibnia's asking prices will be.

Here's a link to the sale catalog:


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