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Sat, Apr 25th, 2020 10:38:11 AM
Topic: Never doubt the...

We have said it before, and we'll say it again: Never doubt the lack of connoisseurship in rugDUMB.

Below is a perfect example -- a screen shot showing a portion of the results of today's Austria Auction Company sale on live auctioneers.

Notice lot 34 sold for 14,000 euro and lot 38 for 22,000 euro. These are hammer prices without the additional buyer's premiums of about 26%.

Seems buyers thought lot 38 was much better than 34.

Stupid fools.

There is little doubt lot 34 is a far more 'common' type than 38. However, 34 is a wonderful example of the type that is better than 99% of its similars. While 38 is a droll, ungainly, in our eyes ugly, bunch of knots we would not hang on our wall for free.

Although it was dated in the catalog "early 17th century" and lot 34 "17th century", this is not the case. Lot 34 is middle 17th, just look carefully at the spandrels and borders. But lot 38 is a century later, not earlier as the cataloguer tries to float.

Were there real connoiseurship and a knowledge base in rugDUMB we sincerely doubt results like this would happen.

Go study these two prayer rugs and you will sharpen your level of discernment.

Too bad the buyers and bidders didn't.

Sorry, but that's it for now. No longer will RK disseminate our knowledge for free on RugKazbah.com or anywhere else.

We enjoy working privately with anyone smart enough to use our consultation to prosper not perish in the rug collecting game.

Author: RK
email: [email protected]
Sat, Apr 25th, 2020 10:38:11 AM

BTW: 34 is a Melas area weaving and 38 is a Kula area one that is nothing but a later copy of the earlier versions from Ushak. A bad copy at that.

And both are workshop products.

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