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Fri, Mar 27th, 2020 10:07:40 AM
Topic: 17th century Kelim: RK says not

This morning a reader sent us this photograph. He inquired how early we thought it might be. He also told us it was posted to a faRcebook group by bertram frauenknecht, who claimed it was 17th century.

He also told us other people had commented it was even earlier.

Well, what does RK think about this kelim fragment and frauenknecht's or other such claims?

Total nonsense.

This is a good circa 1800 fragment. Claiming it is 17th century, or earlier, has about as much factual basis as the moon is made of green cheese.

Also it, and others like it, are not saf.

It's easy to flap your jaws, as mr frauenknecht is no stranger to doing.

He has made a career out of making spurious claims and getting gullible collectors to pony up and buy them hook, like and sinker.

Our reader also mentioned another faRcebook jockey referred to early C14 datings of similar kelim to frauenknecht's.

Those datings are not positive anymore than frauenknecht's claim.

Best of luck to them. Enjoy the green cheese.

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