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Sun, Mar 15th, 2020 08:48:09 AM
Topic: Another one bites the dust: hoffmeister dead

Today we heard peter hoffmeister, aka hoffscheister, is dead.

Good riddens to someone that stole, plagiarized and cheated me.

He was truly a nasty, stupid, pig whose only claim to fame was having a rich father.

RugKazbah's discussion board is full of evidence about this turko-criminal.

Start reading here if you want to learn the truth about him.


peter hoffmeister is a cheat and a thief. RK has proven how he stole all the proceeds from the Tent Band: Tent Bag book project we foolishly allowed him to enter. We also showed how hoffscheister sold the remaining books to uta hulsey for 5DM each to gain a ridiculously improper and illegal "tax write-off" and prevent their sale to fulfill our contract. Worse, peter hoffscheister plagerized RK's ideas and research without proper credit, presenting our work numerous times as his own.

All we can add is hoffscheister better have used some of his father's money to buy an air-conditioned suit because where he has gone he will need it.

Author: jc
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Sun, Mar 15th, 2020 08:48:09 AM

Hello Michael Black:

What happened to you?

Why are you seemingly trying to bury the hachet?

First off, RK has written tons of positive comments. The fact you fixate on the negative, which we freely admit have been written as well, only suits your continuing interest to try and teach us something.

Listen up, Mr Black, if anyone needs to turn over a new leaf it is you.

We are never going to embrace those who we have proven cheated us and abused our friendship.

Why should we? And why should we exonerate them from their misdeeds?

peter hoffscheister hoffmeister was a perfect example. We treated him like a brother and he repaid us with abusive selfish behaviour.

You are another one who abused our friendship. You started a public vendatta for no reason other than your disappointment we would not play ball with you by giving you our advice for free or selling you anything at the absurdly low prices you offered.

IF you want to remedy the situation we are more than willing to extend the olive branch but be sure you honor it and not once again try to beat RK over the head with it.

Author: Michael Black
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Mon, Mar 9th, 2020 04:05:20 AM

All we hear is of people who have harmed you, cheated you, stole from you. You have worked with many and i wonder if you have ever had a positive relationship in your life. Everything you post is negative. Jack in this trying times of social and financial unrest maybe you should start a new outlook and try to be positive. i iwll refrain from calling you Jack "Too Stupid" and say please write soemthing positive before you pass and all we can remember is the negative you spewed. Be well Jack Cassin and take a deep breath and be positive.

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