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Tue, Feb 11th, 2020 03:16:18 PM
Topic: jon thompson dead, Jan 23 2020

Carpetbagger, charlatan and failed carpet 'scholar' jon thompson left this world yesterday Jan 23rd 2020.

RK has published ample evidence and documentation supporting our epiteth above.

A medican doctor, not a doctor of art, thompson hid behind his "Dr" label, just as he hid behind his failed scholarship.

Both, regrettably, rugDUMB never bothered to recognize or acknowledge allowing thompson to continue his career unabated.

RK knew jon thompson well and our relationship soured as soon as thompson realized we would never sell him any of our Turkmen collection.

RK has no desire to recatalog jon thompson's errors and bogus deeds. We have already done this and encourage readers to seach RK and get the first hand evidence and documentation to which we refer above.

See ya later, jon "the con" thompson, you deserve no glowing eulogies in this world and we hope a far more honest assessment by your maker.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. All we can honestly say about his death is --Another one bites the dust.

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