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Tue, Mar 10th, 2020 03:08:37 PM
Topic: icoc 2020?

Today it was publicly announced -- icoc 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey.

After canceling the previous attempt, it seems this is the only place with enough possibilities for the inept icoc organizers to stage an event.

Piggybacking it on the successful tunning Istanbul Carpet Week festivities, and using their far more able committee to do the heavy lifting, wendel "waterboy" swan and the rest of the feckless dopes who have been sucking the tits of the icoc for decades hope to resusitate their flaccid and flatulent icoc dreams.

Frankly, we will believe it when we see it, as this might be another icoc trial balloon that fails to ever get off the ground.

After all Oct 2020 is not much lead time to get it together, something swan and the rest of those asshats might well not achieve, regardless of their begging help from the Istanbul Carpet Week people.

Time will tell.

Keep tuned in for further developments.

Author: jc
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Tue, Mar 10th, 2020 03:07:51 PM

As RK wrote when the 2020 icoc was hastily announced "We'll believe it when we see it".

Our skepticism of that announcement and our distrust of the idiots on the icoc committees was well founded, as this just released second announcement makes clear.

"Regrettably, the Local Organizing Committee in Istanbul and the Executive Committee of the International Conference on Oriental Carpets announce the postponement of the international conference planned for 20 23 October 2020 in Istanbul. This unanimous and mutual decision was made after gathering opinions from respected members of the ICOC community internationally.

The spreading coronavirus has created such havoc and uncertainty throughout the world that all those working on the various aspects of the conference have agreed that there is just too much risk for too many people to implement the plans for what would have been another wonderful conference in Istanbul.

Favorable arrangements were being made with venues, museums had pledged cooperation, tours had been arranged, and the academic program was being scheduled. These efforts are not entirely lost. The ICOC EC and the Istanbul LOC have already had preliminary discussions for rescheduling the conference, probably sometime in 2021. However, the final decisions about that planning will be deferred until we can be assured that the possible dates are realistic.

Frankly, we seriously doubt the coronoavirus is the real reason.

RugDUMB's ever shrinking population and declining ability to garner any interest are the main culprits.

So let wendle howdy doody swindle swan and the rest of his band of hapless fools float a 2021 date. Honestly, it has about as much chance of coming off as the 2020 did.

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