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Topic: Anatolian Kelim in the Movies

"Flaming Star"; 20th century Fox; 1960

Elvis Presely is not known as much of an actor, his movie roles were far from demanding. However, his preformace as Pacer Burton, a half breed son of a Kiown Indian mother and white rancher father, showed he was capable of turning in a notable preformance.

The picture above shows his Kiowa mother in the kitchen of their modest ranch house. Surprisingly, there is an early 19th century Anatolian kelim panel hung on the wall.

Obviously, the prop department thought it looked "indian" and were clueless of its actual origins and history.

It's worth mention as this appearance shows the earliest Anatolian kelim we have ever seen in any context outside specialist literature or other carpet collecting venue.

It's a now a well-known and rather common type believed to have been woven in Aydinli, a town located in south-western Turkey. However, ones of its age are not exactly common place.

The archetype of this group, an example that is hundreds of years older, is illustrated below.

RK collection, USA; 275 x 67 cm, 92 x 23 inch; published Image Idol Symbol: Ancient Anatolian Kelim; vol.2. Plate 4, 1989

The movie is well-worth watching, check it out sometime.

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