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Tue, Sep 10th, 2019 06:08:22 PM
Topic: RK's C.J. Lamm image credit issue

Recently our photograph of one of the Lamm collection fragments has shown up on a faRcebook.com group page. This is the fragment:

Carl Johan Lamm collection; National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

It is published in a small catalog "Carpet Fragments" 1985. Prior to that catalog it and other fragments Lamm collected were published in 1937 but only in black and white.

In 1992 RK went to Stockholm to examine these fragments to check if the technical analyses published by Lamm were correct, and to make better photographs of them. We published our findings and photographs in the Weaving Art Museum's 6th exhibition, which has been online since 2003.


This fragment is Plate 8 in our exhibition and our description can be read here:


Since its publication our picture, and many others, has appeared on other websites where often times it has not been properly credited.

This is what has happened with the faRcebook group where proven copyist and plagiarist francesca fiorintino has once again improperly copied RK's research and pictures without crediting us as the source.

See here to read about ms fiorintino's penchant for copying our work:


Once again ms fiorintino is trying to wiggle out of acknowledging her plagiarism with lame excuses.

RK is sick and tired of pip-squeak know-liitles to nothing like her abusing any and all proprietry when it comes to proper credit and respect of copyright.

RK does not own the copyright to the Lamm image; however, we own the copyright to our version of it. The same one fiorintino copied and used. She also plagiarized our stating the border of the Lamm fragment was derived from tiraz, proto-kufic. style script. This idea was one of many other innovative ideas contained in our Weaving Art Museum exhibition text.

Furthermore, in presenting her own 'opinion' that border shows 'goddesses', fiorintino stupidly demonstrated how little she knows and why she needs to fold up her tent and get lost.

Actually, this fragment's iconography is 100 percent Turkmen, and as such has nothing to do with early Anatolian iconography where goddess imagery is found.

What turko-clown francesca fiorintino calls goddesses are actually bird head figures that frquently appear in Turkmen imagery, not in Anatolian.

We have no more time to waste on chastising her for the theft of our images and research, nor rebuking her silly and worthless ideas and opinions about historic weavings.

Hers is but another voice that needs to be publicly silenced if historic carpet appreciation can ever be taken seriously. And RK hopes and trusts the next time she decides to copy and plagiarize our work she thinks twice before doing so.

'Nuff said

Author: RK
email: [email protected]
Tue, Sep 10th, 2019 06:08:22 PM

RK is never amazed at how far idiots will go to prove they are right even after being proven 100% wrong.

Below is the latest faRcebook comment from francesca fiorintino in her efforts to prove she is not the plagiarist RK claims.

Her efforts are futile and completely transparent, she just keeps digging herself into a deeper hole.

After reading the above, anyone with half a brain and one good eye can see she is now plagiarizing our ideas even more than she did originally.

RK otiginated the comparison the Lamm fragment border is derived from kufic style lettering, as well as the fact there are no goddesses present, but rather bird heads. And this fragment's iconography is Turkmen in character, not Anatolian.

After being sent several emails to that effect, as well as we are sure reading this thread on RugKazbah.com, wadda ya know fiorintino is once again spouting our ideas as her own, and failing to give credit where credit is due.

There is nothing more we can say other than francesca fiorintino is a fucking stupid bitch who couldn't tell the truth if her stinking life depended on it.

As we often say: Big people make mistakes, little people are always right.

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