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Wed, Jul 3rd, 2019 03:36:52 PM
Topic: REWARD: ali riza tuna's [email protected] london june 26th

On june 26th at the 'symposium' that rag hali magazine is sponsoringin London, England there will be a talk by ali riza tuna "the Kilim as an Image".

RK will surely not attend tunafish's talk but we'd like to know what he says.

So we will pay anyone who will video it, or tape record it and make some photos of the pictures he undoubtedly will show, 250 dollars and a copy of the plate volume of our Image Idol Symbol Anatolian kelim portfolio.

That's an at least a five hundred dollar offer.

We have spoken several times to mr tunafish and find his notions concerning Anatolian kelim to be amateurish, banal and pedestrian.

So why are we interested?

We enjoy critiquing and often ridiculing "researchers" like riza tuna who present nonsense fictional ideas as fact

We also know no one else will say a peep allowing these stooges and their half-baked notions to further muddy the waters we hope to clear.

Mr tunafish is a small fry in rugDUMB's Saragaso Sea and we are probably drawing more attention to him than he would get by ignoring him.

However, as insignificant as mr tunafish is compared to dennis the menace dodds, franses, Denny, thompson and others we have peer reviewed, he deserves to be countered with facts and reason.

It's a good offer, don't miss out if you are going.

BTW tunafish's talk will be in the afternoon session on june 26th after dr jon the con thompson's talk on 'color in carpets'.

Author: jc
email: [email protected]
Wed, Jul 3rd, 2019 03:36:52 PM

Unfortunately, no one who attended tuna-fish's talk was able or willing to record it. But we did speak to someone who told us his talk was "dry" and "boring". When we questioned this person further he begged off saying "Honestly, I do not remember what he went on about, it was instantly forgettable.

What else to expect from a half-baked wanna be rug 'scholar' like tuna?

However, we did learn tuna spent most of his time talking about 'color' in Anatolian kelim. We presumed from what we heard tuna-fish once again brought up something called the Munsell Color System he talked about in the vimeo web-presentation we previously listed


So, sorry we were not able to have heard tuna-fish's talk first-hand and, while we really know nothing factual, we'd be willing to bet "Kelim as Image", the initial title for his presentation, which then morphed in "Anatolian Kelim: New Perspectives", was nothing but a restatement of this vimeo podcast.

To say the level of scholarship in rugDUMB is pathetically low might be a generous hand-out to someone like mr tuna-fish.

We are equally sure this is not the last anyone will hear of him and we look forward to one day showing tuna the difference between his cracked up fairy tale Anatolian kelim 'research' and what we have done and continue to do.

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