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Tue, Jun 4th, 2019 10:16:13 AM
Topic: rippon-boswell spring 2019 sale

ex-kurt munkasci hoard

The catalog for rippon boswell's May 2019 sale is now online and RK just finished a virtual thumb.through.

It, like many other recent sales, presents a bunch of good but not in any way above average what formerly were considered 'collecctor' rug that have now been downgraded to something we might call no longer collectible.

There are a couple of lots that break out of this mold and lot 61, a rare and almost beautiful Tekke large format mafrash (LFM), and lot 135 the Scheibe Holbein carpet are the best of that small number.

The cataloguer, who by the way is also the owner of the auction gallery detlef maltzahn, presents himself as a carpet 'expert' and cognoscenti. RK has often ridiculed this stance as nothing but imaginary and his confusion as to what exactly lot 61 is once again proves it.

This panel is Tekke beyond any shadow of doubt and even though it carries one of the highest estimates in the sale, 5,500 euro, that price will be eclipsed by at least three fold and most probably more.

Turko-neophyte maltzahn cites some other weavings as comparable but, in fact, they are far more uncomparable than comparable. However, he missed citing the most likely analog.

ex-kurt munkasci horde

RK briefly discussed it here:


This (LFM) is decidedly better and superior to lot 61 in all respects and would it show up at auction we predict it would sell for upwards of 50,000usd.

The munkasci LFM is most likely an eagle-group product and we have to opine at least a century earlier than lot 61. Forget how much more beautiful.

The estimate on lot 135, a paltry and laughable 24,000 euro, will be shattered on the first bid. This SPH (small pattern holbein) is in another league from the later large pattern holbein (LPH) that recently sold at sotheby London May 1st 2019 Islamic sale, lot 276, for 48,750. Clearly this price was not reflective of its true value. Nuff said on that account.

While in apparently better condition lot 276 was at least a century and probably more later. But it was far rarer for all the stamp collector mentality carpet aficanodos..

That's it, we are surely not going to waste anymore time commenting on boswell's sale.

Author: jc
Mon, Jun 3rd, 2019 07:58:43 AM

Thanks to the internet's greatly increased bandwidth capabilities and the rise of websites like "live auctioneers" it is now possible to sit in ones living room and virtually attend a sale.

Although rippon-boswell was somewhat late to join the party, detlef maltzahn finally acquiesed and put his salesroom activities online.

RK 'attended' this last sale, surely not in its entirety -- why bother to see a pantfull of mediocre pseudo-collector weavings sell for prices that are now multiples less than what they formerly brought.

However, we did catch the bidding for lot 135, the small-pattern Holbein (SPH).

Liveauctioneers.com publishes the results of sale almost immediately after they end. This is completely different than what maltzahn formerly did, as anyone who was not at the sale had to wait usually a couple of months to see them.

All that has now changed and maltzahn cannot hide behind any of his fromer games to keep the results, and the prices, from public view.

As we watched the bidding for lot 135 we noticed a retraction of a bid, or bids, around the 170,000-180,000 level. But more questionable was the bidding that then ensued, which kited the price to 240,000 euro.

We saw this with our own eyes. But when the results were posted they only showed lot 135 selling for 180,000 !

What happened to cause this?

We surely have no proof but we do have an idea.

We'd be willing to bet maltzahn pulled some bids off the rear wall and ceiling of the salesroom hoping to get the price higher. However, when he somehow failed and ended up outbidding the room he then retracted the bids to go back to the level there was a real buyer.

RK knows detlef maltzahn well and in our opinion he is slippery and greasy as a frog's belly. We definitely would not be surprised to learn this is what happened during the bidding for the SPH.

As for the Tekke large format mafrash (LFM) lot 61 it sold for a respectable 8,500 euro hammer price.

It was,as we wrote, a good enough example but we cannot help thinking our comparing to the far better one we illustrated might have discouraged any stronger bidding contest.

The rest of the lots on offer were instantly forgettable. Hence our disinterest in any further commentary.

Though we would like to add this observation: The polarization of the 'market' for collector and historic oriental rugs, something we have for at least a decade been publicizing, continues. This sale is a perfect example where the best of the best, the SPH and LFM, sold for strong prices while other lesser but heralded lots, like lot 159 the S group main carpet failed to find a buyer, or even we think any bidder. By the way calling it a Salor is complete fiction, as no one can prove or even substantiate these weavings were made by the Salor. Whereas calling it S-group is far more correct and descriptive. A valid point lost on a turko-clown like detlef maltzahn.

Also his, and many others, penchant to over-date Anatolian village rugs continues unabated. Lot 159, the fragmented 'yellow-rug' is not 18th century, as dopey maltzahn tried to spin it. At best it's early 19th, but we'd suggest 2nd quarter of the 19th century is more probable.

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