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Tue, Apr 9th, 2019 05:30:41 PM
Topic: Turkmen Collection hits the block: wrap up

Results are now in and it appears, as we predicted, this sale was a bombout.

Only 46 of the 138 lots found a new home, that's a sale precentage right at 33%. Plus they were mostly the cheapest lots in the sale.

One exception did preform, also as we predicted, Lot 54 made a hammer price of 10,000 euro.

Best of luck to Messers Bauer and sienknecht in trying to now sell anything that remained unsold.

Of course they can lower the prices significantly, which is what they should have done from the getgo.

Mediocre middle to later 19th century Turkmen weavings are now virtually impossible to sell. They have joined the club with similar age, and presently basically worthless, trans-Caucasian rugs, as well as 'tribal' Persian weavings.

No surprises here as only hopium eaters believe they can sell such goods at prices close to what they cost decades ago, forget about trying to make any profit.

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