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Mon, Apr 8th, 2019 01:00:54 PM
Topic: Turkmen Collection hits the block

Lot 54

Tomorrow, April 9th 2019, the Dorotheum auction house in Vienna, Austria will be offering what is called a "Turkmen Rug Collection from Schleswig-Holstein".

The auction house has not publicly named the collector who assembled this collection. However, almost everyone who is anyone in the field of Turkmen weavings knows it comes from Herr Ingo Bauer, a minor light bulb on the tree of European Turkmen collectors.

While his name is a known commodity, and surely not one that carries any cachet or celebrity, fact is Herr Bauer is an agent and major gofer for hans scienknecht, who is believed by many but surely not RK to be the world's "uber" collector of Turkmen weavings.

This leads us to question how many of the 138 lots actually belong to Bauer and how many is he fronting for sienknecht?

This of course is irrevelent, but just a bit of the behind the scenes machinations that pervade anything that goes on in rugDUMB.

The sale is full of nice, now totally passe and out of fashion, Turkmen weavings. We are sure they will have difficulty finding buyers, particularly at the often foolishly extravagant prices the catalog trumps.

Arguably the best weaving in the sale is shown above, Lot 54 a nice sized chunk, circa 2.5 feet by 4 feet, from a circa 1800 S-group MC.

This will no doubt find a number of would be buyers who will push it well above the 8,000 euro starting price. There won't and you can count on this be many, if any, others that get beyond their estimates and starting prices.

So in keeping with our not so new modus operandi, RK is not going to do any more pre-sale commentary.

Go take a gander at the catalog if you have not already and watch and see how unsuccessful this sale will turn out for all concerned...including successful buyers..

BTW: We feel no anxiety in making such a prediction, as the starting prices, forget the estimates, are too high to attract much attention, rightly so, and the market for these mediocrities is about as thin as can be. But one thing is sure -- that market will only get thinner and thinner as time marches on. So unloading now, even at well reduced prices from former times, is the name of the game. And buying them at such prices will only be a money losing affair

One more thing: Our advice to the rug man at the Dorotheum is forget those starting prices and get down to reality--aka instead of thousands pitch them in the hundreds. That, in fact, is truly where they belong.

'Nuff said on this account.

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