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Mon, Mar 4th, 2019 10:03:15 PM
Topic: Will the Poppmeier sale part two pop or poop?

Later this month, actually March 23rd, rippon-boswell will hold the part two dispersal of the Poppmeier collection, which we can assure all will not be a successful as Part One.


If you have to ask then you should not be holding a paddle in your hand, as even more than Part One there is nothing worth a second look in our opinion.

Anatolian kelims are, as we pointed out years ago before the first Vok sale, enjoying revived interest. However, that interest has so far been as ignorant as the first wave of collecting was.

Herr Poppmeier, like Vok, and other collectors whose collections have yet to hit the auction block. bought into a bill of goods that was a specious as a three dollar bill.

What exactly do we mean?

First and most salient is the fact that Poppmeier, like Vok, lost a huge amount of money when his buying prices are compared to the selling prices realized at their sales.

While we do not know exactly what Poppmeier, or Vok, paid we do know and will bet dollars to donut holes, their losses on their Anatolian kelims are at least 50%, maybe more.

Both these men, and others we could name, thought they were acquiring 'important' ancient weavings that would both appreciate financially and bring them kudos as great collectors.

Sorry, boys, but such hopes have now been dashed on the rocks of reality and the truth they were just suckers for slick dealers and their own greed and stupidity is now impossible to negate.

Yes, Poppmeier and Vok had some good examples but they did not have anything that even comes close to a masterpiece. In fact, we would not take anything that was sold in their past, or Poppmeier's coming, sale for free, elt alone pay good money for it.

After 1980, when the Anatolian kelim collecting fever began, many collectors fell into the hype these kelim were ancient, significant and important pieces of art and history.

Sorry, again boys, but if you still believe this nonsense you have not been paying attention.

So to sum this short reality check beware buying what appear to be today's bargains compared to the prices a Poppmeier or a Vok paid twenty-five or more years ago. For you too will end up losing as well.

And just remember not only did Poppmeier or Vok not gain any ROI (return on investment) they did not even get the return of that investment.

Yes, yes, RK well knows collectors like them buy kelims for pleasure but behind every collector we have ever met, and trust us we have met very many, and not only in the kelim game, there is the desire to get their money back and hopefully make some.

The rug market is not dead. But it is severely damaged and, from all the evidence available presently, appears will never come back to even close to where it was when Poppmeier and Vok pulled out checkbooks and wrote fat checks to dealers like franz sailer, jurg rageth, udo hirsch, Kailash, Eskenazi, and others less well known.

And surprise, surprise where are those dealers now?

The first, salier, is out of business and his dispersal sale at Christie's New York presented many kelim that sold for a fraction of his former asking prices.

The second, jurg rageth, died fairly recently but he long ago got out of the kelim business to explore a more lucarative swindle being a book author, published an supposed expurt.

The third, udo hirsch, after fleecing Vok and other European collectors has disappeared from not only the kelim game but the entire carpet world and business.

The fourth, Patrick Kailash, was tragically killed in a car crash, but had he not we are sure the same fate would have been his future as the kelim he was selling to rich collectors were no better than those seen in these auctions.

The fifth, Johnny Eskenazi, has likewise disappeared from the kelim game, and carpet world never to return.

This, of and by itself, is a piss-poor recomendation.

It's also a blaring warning to anyone who thinks they can buy Anatolian kelim, like Poppmeir or Vok did, and get anything but eye-candy deep, serious, study and research will invariably show to be nothing but a pie in the sky dream.

There are great, ancient, masterpiece Anatolian kelim but they are more rare than moon-rocks or winning hundred million dollar lottery tickets.

Don't believe what we say?

No problem.

Enjoy your future bidding and your collection of iconographically degenerate and in our opinion worthless Anatolian kelim. Don't worry you are not alone, as neither was Poppmeier, Vok, or numerous other mostly European collectors, now both dead and those still alive.

Just remember pretty colors, mother-goddess references, seemingly early iconography do not a great, masterpiece kelim make.

Go crack the books, do some serious study, and if you are honest you can only then agree with RK's sentiments.

Or go live in rampant denial, just like Poppmeier, Vok and others have done until they tried to sell what they had acquired. That's when reality bit them on the butt and they found out just how wrong and misguided they were.

Had those kelim been masterpieces, regardless how dead the carpet and kelim world is prices would have, and would be, popping and not pooping.

And, finally, we're glad to bet lots of dollars this is the problem, not the excuses it is the dismal condition of the carpet and kelim world that is at fault.

Author: jc
email: [email protected]
Mon, Mar 4th, 2019 10:03:15 PM

RK has received several emails assailing us for our putdown of the Poppmeier kelim collection.

To all those and others who likewise believe this let RK set the record straight.

Poppmeier does not have one great examples, forget about a masterpiece. His collection is full of examples which can be found is just about every kelim "collection".

Sorry but that's the truth and that is why RK is completely unimpressed.

If something is cheap enough we have no doubt someone will buy it. So to all you prospective buyers, and those who bought at the part one, all we can say is enjoy looking at, and owning, mediocre art and weavings that lack any historic importance.

Nuff said...

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