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Wed, Dec 5th, 2018 10:43:52 PM
Topic: ronnie Who? Part II

We just looked at the skinner website to check the date of the coming rug auction, which is Dec 9th, and for the first time saw this.

Maybe it was there before and we just overlooked it? In any regard it leavesus almost speechless....well, not quite and you will soon see.

"The December auction features over 300 lots of weavings from tribal rugs to room sized carpets, including part II of The Ronnie Newman Collection of Early Rugs. Newmans knowledge and feel is both wide and deep, and his taste, intellectual engagement, passion, and determination in the pursuit of great textile art is legendary."

Look, everyone is always trying to put the best foot forward. Hyperbole and exaggeration to be expected.

However for someone who never wrote a book, forget even an article, ronnie newman's "intellectual engagement" with oriental carpets was the invisible man of rugDUMB.

Whoever authored this blurb, presumably lazy larry kearney skinner's present rug person, has stretched the pizza dough so thin it has evaporated dropping tomato sauce and mozzerella in his lap.

Come on now, larry, newman's knowledge and feel is "both wide and deep"?

Look, it is no doubt newman found some excellent weavings but he also bought tons of mediocre ones. The two skinner auctions are stuffed full of them.

These are not reminders of newman's alleged 'deep and wide knowledge and feel' but rather just the opposite. They prove he didn't have a great command of this art form and if anything was just a dealer trying to make a buck.

You can be assured for eveything newman paid a substantial price for, like lot 71 in the coming sale, he bought a 100 or more far, far lesser weavings for pennies.

History perfectly shows how ronnie tried to turn those pennies into 100 dollars bills. And failed. This is why they are now in skinners selling for fractions of the huge prices ronnie always quoted. Nothing wrong with this but let's call a spade a spade.

It's clear newman did not know a whole hell of alot and his 'feelings' were just as debatable. Were they not he would have never purchased most of what skinners is now trying to sell.

As for his "taste, passion and determination in the pursuit of great textile art" being legendary?

Please now, larry, get a grip.

Legends are usually manufactured not by the subject but by others who stand to benefit from proximity.

The legend of ronnie newman, and we sincerely doubt there really is one, might be in lazy larry's mind, others who stand to benefit by mouthing it, and or others who do not really know the truth.

RK knows the truth and newman was definitely not a carpet savant, connoisseur or rug god. He was a creepy crawly deviant who somehow caught on to the rug game and played it well.

The substance of his carrer in rugDUMB is as bereft of proof he was even close to that, as is the existence of aliens, the Loch Ness monster or Big Foot.

Sorry to bust anyone's bubble who think differently.

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