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Sun, Apr 29th, 2018 02:24:02 AM
Topic: Anatolian Village Rug Nonsense

Unfortunately there is no test, no procedure, no guidelines to prove a rug is the product of a village weaving environment and not a commercial made for market workshop one.

After our almost half century of researching and collecting we feel we can tell the difference, and have put our money, energy and reputation on the line to back it.

We also have not been shy to brand many of the weavings in the Christopher Alexander collection as town and city workshop weavings and not the village produced ones many people believe they are.

Time has a way of sorting out the wheat from the chaff, and RK has no doubt this will eventually be the case here.

Until then we tire of hearing Anatolian village nonsense from half-baked and worse pundits who, quite frankly, would not be able to identify the real thing were they rolled up in it.

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