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Fri, Apr 27th, 2018 03:40:16 AM
Topic: The New that rag hali issue #195

We have already registered enough of our comments about this issue in the 'Hamamlu' Quizzical and Questionable Soumak khorjin thread in the "JC's Corner" topic area.

And we are not going to bother to say anything more, as we see doing so just a waste of time.

However, what has once again moved us to remark is the annoying habit this magazines proprietors have of sending out unsolicited bulk junk mail they disingenously call "newsletters", when in fact the only news is advertising their own shit.

Here is a sample from their latest waste of everyone's email box space

Part of the 'newsletter' aka advertisement that recently arrived in our inbox.

What's wrong with this picture besides the fact it was contained in an advertisement masquarading as a 'newsletter'?

The most apparent is the repetition of the 'record breaking Anatolian kelims' announcement.

But worse by their own admission on page 127 is the fact these dumbass hali people admit none of the kelim sold in the supposed record breaking auction -- the Poppmeier sale at rippon-boswell -- broke any records.

The one notable and best price was recorded by a late 18th century genre copy of an Archaic Group example in RK's collection. It sold for 49,200/ $60,550, which is the second highest price for a kelim at public auction.

Here's what they said: "With such a strong price, lot 56 fetched more than any of the Vok kilims and lies second in the all-time auction price rankings for a Turkish kilim." That record price, $73,300, was set 20 years ago, in 1997, also at rippon boswell for what RK calls a "thin-mirhab psuedo-'saf' formerly the possession of Kailash Gallery.

In nobody's book, especially RK's, does that qualify to be called 'record breaking'.

These twits at that rag hali cannot only fail to get the content right, they cannot even properly proof-read what they send out.

Any wonder RK believes they and this magazine are not worth a mouthful of warm spit?

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