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Tue, Apr 10th, 2018 06:33:24 PM
Topic: Single-wefted Simpleton

Early Baluch single wefted khorjin fragment; RK collection

This is the khorjin we wrote about; the one mendacious michael black committed to purchase, and then upon receipt claimed it was "junk" and we were "ripping him off". Plus he refused to send it back to us after claiming in writing he was going to do so.

Eventually he agreed to deliver it to someone in NYC who kindly agreed to let mendacious mike into his shop even though he basically told black not to visit him again and to stay away thanks to black's obnoxious behaviour and crap attitude.

It also is the one mendacious mike posted to the faRcebook Baluch studies group webpage after photoshopping the colors to make the bag look less beautiful than it does in reality.

This is obvious when comparing the unedited photo here with the one mendacious mike posted.

It also is the one he claimed on the faRcebook page to have sent back to us but in reality he refused and only after much pressurre from us finally delivered it to our kind friend in NY where it still remains.

This and numerous other similar duplicitous and dishonest statements and acts we have experienced and know about have earned michael black the well deserved mendacious sobriquet.

Also comparing it to all the single-weft flower khorjins he has posted, or any others, shows it is better than almost all of them in scale, proportions, design articulation and color. And it is righteously earlier than the vast majority of these rare examples as well.

Perhaps the easiest way to judge these khorjin, as well as just about every other design type, is the degree of vertical compression design elements exhibit. The rounder/squarer the earlier and better, the less round/square the later and inferior.

This is a rule, if there is any one rule in rug studies and analysis. And the chunky appearance the flowers and white petals this khorjin have clearly shows it to be better than almost all the others.

It's rather comical after his self-proclaimed thirty years of collecting Baluch rugs mendacious mike could not tell, even when having this khorjin in his fat finger hands, it was an example of the prized single-weft group he so desperately seeks for his collection.

He admits in one of his faRcebook posts he cannot tell the difference what is or is not single-wefted, and often gets confused even trying to see which is the warp and what is the weft.

This is beyond stoopid and if anyone deserves to have the "too stoopid" moniker attached to his name it definitely is mendacious mike, not RK.

BTW we also own the other half of this khorjin, which is complete and part of a very small collection of early Baluch weavings. And, although we are on record as being someone who is not in any way a fan, we definitely do appreciate a great and early Baluch weaving and when possible never miss the opportunity to acquire it.

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