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Sun, May 27th, 2018 01:16:54 PM
Topic: In Name Only: icoc

By now we are pretty positive everyone who is interested in carpet collecting has heard about the hastily organized coming international conference on oriental carpets, aka 'icoc', in Washington D.C. June 8-10 2018.

We call it in name only because this is the only way to describe this organization that still has dennis the liar, thief, grifter and con-artist dodds as its president and chief officer.

But forgetting dodds and his multiple misdeeds, it is hard to think well of an organization like the icoc that has been shown to treat its leadership far better than its members. Over the past few decades RK has pointed out many instances where icoc committee members have been lavished with free travel, rooms and food at the expense of the member who pay to attend these events.

To attend this one a fee of 340 dollars per person is required plus 189 per night per person to stay in the conference hotel, The Hamilton.

The conference lectures will be held at the Elliot School of International Affairs which is a little more than a mile (20 minute walk if you walk fast) away from the Hamilton. Same for the Textile Museum/George Washington Museum where the exhibitions will take place.

BTW for any rug dealers wanting to participate in the "dealers row" please note your venue is the Hamilton Hotel and on the openng night there is a competing reception planned. RK's advice is do not expect much business or traffic, so think twice before spending your time and money.

Same goes for attending this event. The major exhibition, The Guido Goldman Ikat Collection, has already been well publicized and exhibited and, in fact, will be open to public view both before and after the icoc event.

There is a partial list of lecturers but unless you are interested in Central Asia weavings we doubt there will be much there for you.

Here's the listing as it exists today April 1, 2018 with some comments from us in bold typeface. And no this is not April Fool from the icoc or RK.

"Following the format adopted in our previous Washington Conference the Academic Committee will limit the number of presentations to a maximum of 20 talks to be delivered in a unique plenary session during two days (Friday and Saturday)."

That's because theye can't get more than 20 people who want to bother to be lecturers. Also the dwindling number of paying attendees is not sufficient to fund the transportation, room and meals for (some of) the lecturers without cutting into the perks extended to the academic committee members and other chosen grandees.

"The General Title of ICOC XIV is the same as the Previous Conference held in 2015:"

What else would they call it? We'd suggest icoc-light, as compared to the real icoc events of the past the latest ones have been a poor comparison.

'Modern Trends in Carpet and Textile Scholarship'

This year the presentations shall focus on two main areas:

'New Attributions' and 'Carpet Discoveries and Recoveries'.

All traditional fields of carpet and related textile studies will be considered, but among them the Academic Committee intends to favour two important topics related to the concurrent Exhibition of Ikats donated by Professor Guido Goldman to both the Textile Museum and the Smithsonian Institutions Sackler Museum. One session will therefore be dedicated to Ikats and Related Central Asian Weaving, while another one will be devoted to the Interrelations between Private Collecting and Museums."

All fields will be considered? Please now dodds and the rest of you asshat icoc committee member RK is sure there will be no other lectures other than those you have already cited above. You lie and lie and besides RK no one says peep. Lucky you, no oversight or peer review.

"We expect papers on Central Asian Textiles delivered by renowned scholars coming from the Western Countries and from ex-Soviet Republics, including Elena Tsareva, Irina Bogoslavskaya and Elmira Gyul."

Let RK translate icoc speak here. We expect means we doubt we will get them, and by the way calling elena tsareva a renowned scholar is like calling woody woodpecker a tree surgeon. Madam tsareva's life's work is a bunch of nonsense publications, her text for the peter hoffmeister aka hoffscheister publication a perfect proof.

RK ripped her text to shreds and we suggest any readers who have not seen it do so here.

Part 1:

The additional 15 parts can be found here:


It is sure calling tsareva a scholar is an April fool joke.

And remember Central Asian is not Turkmen, so do not think you will be listening to any talks on Turkmen rugs.

"The session on Collecting and Museums shall have a keynote speech by Thomas Farnham on F.R. Martin, the famous Swedish scholar and collector at the beginning of the 20th Century as well as a talk by the new Director of Baku Carpet Museum, Shirin Malikova on the recent activity carried on by her Institution in an attempt to improve the quality of the collection."

Thomas Farnham has alreay presented his lecture on Martin several times. It is old hat.

And while we do not have any idea what Ms. Malikova will say we can guarantee her museum has not acquired any masterpiece historic Caucasian weavings. So do not expect to marvel at anything but more of the later 19th century weaving that museum is chock full of.

"A third speaker, the Italian architect Andrea Pacciani, will analyse the rugs portrayed by a 17th century Italian painter that leads us to consider him as a precocious carpet collector."

Please now, RK exclaims once again, carpets and/in paintings is such an over-visited, moribund, dead on arrival topic even these lame icoc committee member should have gotten the message by now.

"'Discovery and Recoveries will present important classical carpets considered lost and recently found after many years of oblivion. Among them talks by Fatima Zutic from Sarajevo on Classical Persian masterpieces, Beata Biedrońska-Słota on a unique Cairene Carpet with Chintamani pattern from the National Museum in Krakw and Alberto Boralevi on Mamluk Carpets.'"

Classical carpets are wonderful works of art but enough already. They have been studied and featured for more than 100 years but the average, even the top collectors of today, have little ot no interest in them. Time for you dummy icoc academic and executive committee members to respond to the like and interests of your members, who pay for these events.

"The session on New Attributions will include Murray Eliland III revisiting the the so called Herati Design, John Wertime will present woven and knotted rugs using goat hair and mohair, while Peter Bichler will talk about the almost totally ignored Defregger Rugs from the Alpine Region in Southern Austria."

If this is the section of the program aimed at interesting most attendees RK suggests going back to the drawing board.

Where are talk and presents on Turkmen rugs? Or Anatolian village weavings? Or Persian tribal? Or east Turkestan. Or Persian or Turkish folk textiles?

No, no this icoc and the feckless stiffs who run these events need a major overhaul and shake out. The reason rug collecting is a dying field is exactly attributable to them and the inept, myopic ideas and leadership (ha) they have mustered.

" **Further presentations and a final schedule of the lectures will be added as soon as the selection of the papers admitted to the Conference are completed."

Do not hold your breath and expect more from this event. There will be no more and if by chance there is it will just be more of the same.

So what do you get for your at least 1,000 dollars it will cost to attend if you do not live close enough to sleep in your own bed at home?

We believe next to nothing other than being able to see a fat fucking feckless asshat like bruce baganz who singlehandedly destroyed GH Myers Textile Museum. Or see dennis dodds the incorrigible liar and thief lord around like he was anything but a scoundrel who shoudl have been long ago run out of rugDumb on a rail?

Enjoy yourselves is all RK can wish for those of you foolish enough to want to attend a non-event like this.

PS: If you do not know already let RK inform you the two adjoining townhouses which formerly housed the Textile Museum, and were previously GH Myers home, have been sold to jeff bezos. Right mr amazon now owns the buildings baganz and the rest of the douchebags on the museum's board of directors could not maintain and squandered millions from the Museum's treasury on worthless plans and feasibility studies.

Read about it here:http://rugkazbah.com/boards/records.php?id=2865&refnum=2865

Hey brucie nice going, a big middle finger to you from RK

Author: jc
Sun, May 27th, 2018 01:16:54 PM

Hype, like hot-dogs and beer at a baseball game, is standard fare in rugDumb, especially at icoc time. Without a doubt the coming so-called icoc event in Washington, DC has no shortage.

RK has little respect for those who run the icoc as their personal feeding trough and bi-annual freebie fest. We have even less for the asshats that run the 'textile museum', particularly their porcine, over-fed, feckless chairman of the board bruce, big mouth, baganz.

We also have not been shy in publicizing and documenting this position.

This latest, and surely not greatest, episode in the icoc franchise has a roster speakers RK would not bother to walk across the street to hear for free, let alone travel a great distance, book a hotel room, and pay the icoc admission fees.

We believe anyone who does will end up on the short end of that adventure, unless of course there is a desperate need to be part of the dying breed of sycophantic armchair collectors who could not recognize a great weaving without an attached museum wall-label.

We could write a stream of support for our icoc distaining but why bother, or even post this brief denouncement?

Today we read the following quote attributed to Guido Goldman, who has donated a large collection of Ikat textiles to a number of museums including the 'textile museum' in DC.

This already over exposed collection has been seen enough times, and its showing here is nothing but stale.

Guido's a very rich man who vacuum cleanered up every Ikat he could find, including those formerly in the Pip Rau collection, where most of his best material originated.

We never had the opportunity to meet Goldman but heard a number of stories from those who knew him well. Nothing RK ever heard impressed us with Goldman's textile savvy, knowledge or expertise. He was a typical rich-guy collector who opened his wallet generously when instructed by his chosen experts. Bully for them, and him.

Here is the quote from Goldman that prompted us to post this missive:

"Dr. Goldman said he donated his collection to the museum to honor The Textile Museums board president Bruce P. Baganz for his leadership in transforming the museum and in acknowledgement of the museums commitment to caring for its collections through two new buildings at GW."

If that doesn't tell you who and what Guido Goldman was all about we don't think you're paying attention.

Let's all remember big-mouth bruce baganz single-handedly destroyed GH Myer's Textile Museum, perhaps the greatest gift to textile and carpet lovers ever given by one individual.

However, after baganz and his dumbass board of directors cronies got through with it even a goodie-two shoes like Goldman should have been aware, smart and clever enough to realize the only thing to dedicate and honor bruce baganz with is a tar, feathering, and ride on a cold steel rail out of Washington DC.

We sincerely hope when baganz leaves this world he ends up in a hot, sulphurous place where from high above GH Myer's would not even piss on him to give him a moment's relief.

So for all those of you who attend be sure to enjoy watching big-mouth parade his fat ass around like he was anything but the lowlife creep and freaking rugDUMB failure he truly is.

Author: jc
Sun, May 27th, 2018 01:13:47 PM

A little bit about Guido Goldman:

The Party Of the Week; A state dinner of sorts to mark Kissinger's 60th birthday.


HENRY KISSINGER may have been as devious a Secretary of State as his many and substantial critics charge, but Manhattan's rich and powerful, never ones to probe too deeply, are beyond the fray. Since he and his wife Nancy took up residence here in 1977, virtually everybody who is anybody has eagerly accepted his frequent dinner invitations, delighted in his company, pursued him socially and feted him to a fare-thee-well.

Yet it was Harvard's Guido G. Goldman who asked (and received) permission to give the party celebrating Dr. Kissinger's forthcoming 60th birthday, rocketing himself to instant if uncertain stardom simply by having his name at the top of the more than 300 Cartier invitations.

Former heads of state, Cabinet officers, big-name Europeans, the Georgetown elite, Harvard professors, politicians, tycoons and hot shots of one sort or another have accepted, though some of them aren't sure exactly who Dr. Goldman is. And though the party isn't until Thursday (the day before Dr. Kissinger's actual birthday) it has already taken on the dimensions of an extravaganza, a veritable state dinner.

Ostensibly, Dr. Goldman is a 45-year-old senior lecturer in government and director of Harvard's Center for European Studies. He negotiated the Krupp Foundation's $2-million gift to Harvard and helped establish the German equivalent of the Marshall Plan. Born in Zurich, raised on Central Park West, he was a graduate student when Dr. Kissinger was a Harvard professor. More importantly, he is a close, devoted friend, as was his father, the late Dr. Nahum Goldmann, the urbane Zionist, founder of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations and a longtime president of the World Jewish Congress.

The son, a darkly handsome man of wit and no little charm, is a beneficiary of his maternal grandfather's business acuity. He has money to back up his sophisticated and expensive tastes. The blacktie dinner-dance is expected to cost him between $50,000 to $75,000, yet he doesn't seem concerned.

Dr. Goldman has at least four residences, several unusual art collections, two dogs, some very nice Bordeaux and a confessed weakness for entertaining. Between appointments having to do with arrangements, he took time out to smoke a richly fragrant cigar and talk about himself, and what may well be the party of the decade. He chose the Pierre's ballroom as the setting, he said, because, ''It doesn't have that 600-put-'em-in-and-raise-a-lot-of-money look. It flows nicely. I've been there lots. The Germans use it for receptions.''

Cocktails are to be served in the foyer. Plans call for a cake and singing. Peter Duchin and his orchestra will play. Toasts covering ''certain aspects of Henry's life'' have been requested of such luminaries as former President Gerald R. Ford. He said he'd love to have lilacs and peonies for the tables, and he had sample bouquets made up to try out. ''I love the colors,'' he explained.

What Dr. Goldman didn't say was that Mrs. Kissinger asked for peonies. Or that all the lilacs may have faded before Thursday. The menu will include ''fish followed by beef,'' but he wasn't sure what else. ''I don't want to say much about that,'' he said. ''I'd hate it for people to know everything in advance.''

''What's fun,'' he added happily, ''is that with Henry it's so easy to get a nice mix of worlds. Henry's liked by a good cross section, which is lovely. There's usually nothing odder than what you sit next to in politics.''

Dr. Goldman had just returned from Germany, ''where I go six times a year.'' When he arrived in Cambridge, he found his desk a ''disaster of exam papers and mail.'' Yet he was often in New York, supervising details.

''I won't know the final list until the last minute,'' he said. ''If I knew the exact head count, I'd be so relieved.'' Ordinarily, he prefers smaller gatherings, ''six to a dozen and I do the cooking,'' he said. ''I have little dinners with some frequency.'' His specialties are lamb roast with herb mustard and ''a spicy meat loaf.''

''In the summer, we probably serve 1,000 meals - people-meals - including picnics on boats, at my house in Maine,'' he said. The ''we'' refers to his many friends. Dr. Goldman lives alone. He has no kitchen help. He has a house in Concord, Mass., an apartment in Cambridge, and what he calls ''my Paris place.''

''I like the organizational challenge of entertaining,'' he said. ''I know this is corny, but people are the best thing in life. If people have a good and stimulating time, I feel I've achieved something.''

Secretary of State George P. Shultz is expected to attend before heading for the economic summit in Williamsburg, and maybe Canada's Pierre Trudeau. Adeshir Zahedi, the late Shah of Iran's Ambassador to the United States, is flying in from Switzerland. And at this stage, former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Lady Bird Johnson, Michael J. Deaver, White House deputy chief of staff; Happy Rockefeller, former Commerce Secretary Peter G. Peterson and Alan Greenspan, President Ford's economic adviser and President Reagan's Social Security wizard, are among those who have accepted.

James Callaghan, former British Prime Minister, had to refuse because of the British elections. Ambassador and Mrs. Averell Harriman declined and were off to Moscow to visit Yuri Andropov. Israel and the Arab world will be represented. Two guests, one from Harvard, asked that their names not be mentioned, presumably fearing some sort of notoriety.

''Just really close friends,'' Dr. Goldman insisted. ''I gave his 50th birthday party. Everybody came. It was great if I do say so myself.''

All in all, the host seemed to think he had everything in hand. ''I'm privileged, very privileged,'' he explained. ''I never forget that. I grew up with a father who sent out his itinerary every six weeks. My college roommates thought that was bizarre. I thought everybody knew Herbert Lehman, Eleanor Roosevelt and Dag Hammarskjold. I've had much more opportunity than most people. If you have a choice, you should be serious in your work. Be in the forefront. Contribute to the way in which a field develops. But avoid being a specialist only in that area. I wouldn't always want to live only in one world.''

Clearly, he doesn't. And hasn't. At the very least, the little known Cantabrigian is about to be New York's host of the week. An even greater widening of his horizons is inevitable.

(ed. For those of you who have been too lazy, too busy or distracted to learn the truth about henry kissinger, let us inform you that he is a devout globalist, who has done everything in his power to destory our nation, America, and meld it into a one world -- new world order.

Mr kissinger is also an acknowledged mass murderer who has been indicted in several foreign countries for his war crimes.

It is truly a shame that this poor excuse for a human being has been lauded and feted by those like Goldman and others who refuse to face the truth about him.)

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