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Fri, Apr 13th, 2018 11:27:33 AM
Topic: Who the heck is michael, rug-putz, black?

In 2008 RK met michael black several times and spoke with him on the phone some others.

At this point he was a collector of Baluch rugs exclusively. We put quotes around the word collector because in his case he was far more an accumulator and investor than anything the word collector might otherwise conjure up.

We were amazed how little black knew back then about the Baluch rugs he amassed, and were not surprised to learn he had an advisor, shiv sikri, who basically sold him everything and told him what to buy and what not to buy. To say blacks Baluch rug buying was totally controlled by sikri would be to underestimate the situation.

Over the ensuing years since black has sent us photos of some of his Baluch rugs. Claiming to have 300 or more of them he extolled how great they all were. Like he would know the difference.

He does have or had --he supposedly has sold a number of them as per his emails to us -- some excellent ones but from what we have heard having never seen his entire collection he has about 30 really excellent ones and a vast bunch of lesser ones to complete losers. This figures as sikris abilities and honesty as a dealer were always questionable and we are not surprised he charged black huge prices and often sold him inferior junk. Again black did not, and still does not, know the difference.

During our on speaks time with him we told black Baluch rugs were fluffy cutesy derivative weavings and he should be collecting early Anatolian Village rugs, Anatolian kelim, and Turkmen weaving. He said they were too complicated and demanded too much study. He said he did not like them. We have emails he sent us saying just that.

Regardless, we did not give up trying to get him to see the light and the reality Baluch rugs were bush and early Turkmen and Anatolian rugs were the top of the pops in rug collecting.

He resisted and we pretty much gave up on talking with him seeing it as a waste of our time.

Then one day out of the blue about 18 months ago we got an email from him stating he was going to start to collect Anatolian rugs and he wanted us to help him and be his consultant because we knew more than anyone else. Again we have email that says exactly this.

He also said he now wanted to now seriously buy our Anatolian kelim collection and the few early Anatolian rugs we have collected after having in the past made half-assed effort to buy them.

To make a long story short we foolishly entertained his supposed serious interest until it quickly became clear he expected to buy at cheap ridiculous low prices we would never agree to if he doubled or tripled them.

We also found out being his advisor and consultant was a job that paid nothing other than table scraps he might throw in our direction.

OK, fat chance that was going to happen and we parted ways.

Since then disappointed and rejected michael black has defamed, slandered, made up outrageously ridiculous stories about us and published them on the internet on faRcebook.

Today the following picture of a very famous rug we have owned since 1980 was put online by black as you can read below.

Its almost comical the replies it elicited from a group of midget-brain faRcebook pud-pulling rug pundits, as you can read below.

Our yellow rug is NOT on the market as blacks lying BS states, and that picture was sent to him at his request so he could study it.

We did offer this rug to him but his paltry offer was totally unacceptable. But this has not stopped him from trying to get us to sell it to him since.

This latest ploy of posting it to faRcebook, as lame and stupid as it is, demonstrates what a lost little bo-peep michael black is, regardless of his big talk what a great art and important private art dealer he supposedly is.

Posting a photo sent to him in confidence on faRcebook is dispicable. Lying about it worse.

But thats michael the rug-putz black who believes not only does his shit not stink but he can eat it and not have bad breath.

RK has about had it with him and sincerely suggest he wakes up from his delusional slumber.

The fact he has bought a bunch of mediocre over-dated and over-rated pseudo Anatolian Village rugs that are nothing but ersatz workshop confections and lords around like he is the greatest thing to happen to oriental rugs since moth balls is a joke.

Sorry mr. michael, aka rug-putz, black but you are just another sucker, a moke with an open wallet, who has bought into the dream you are buying masterpiece weavings when in fact you are buying late genre copies and imitations.

Youre a loser, putz, and your vendetta against RK because we will not play ball with you on your greedy and dumbass terms shows what a jealous, conceited, pompous asshat you truly are.

Author: test Fri, Dec 7th, 2018 09:49:27 AM

test comment

Author: jc
Fri, Apr 13th, 2018 11:27:33 AM

Since RK does not belong to any faRcebook group, or even have an account, we do not know what goes on therein.

But we do have several readers who are kind enough to send us screen shots and cut and paste jobs from various groups like the Baluch studies, the weftkickers and warp and weft from time to time

Today we received a series of copied posts from the Baluch studies group that our reader called "MB flames out". MB being none other than mr Balouch medacious michael black.

Seems he wanted to separate the postings into two divisions -- one for what he calls A+++ examples and another for the 'lesser' pieces he finds unworthy of attention or comment.

Of course this enraged just about everyone and a number of people criticized him, rightly so.

Basically they accused him of elitism and lacking the spirit and commaraderie farcebook is supposedly all about.

Unable to take critique, or anyone who does not cowtow to his way of thinking, mendacious mike threw in the towel and stated he would never post there again.

He even sent us an email announcing he was "through with trying to teach those morons anything". Like we even asked or cared.

So let's see how long his pledge to never post there again lasts.

We doubt it will be long as mendacious mike is addicted to showing off and what better a place to do that than on faRcebook.

We must agree with him that most of the pond scum rugDUMB posters that float around faRcebook groups are less than experienced or knowledgeable. But to try and seek their approval while disrespecting them is totally stupid. Typical for Mr. "too stoopid" michael black.

It's one thing to stay away and another to think you can enlighten those who live in the dark, either purposely or just because they do not know better.

Author: jc
Tue, Mar 27th, 2018 03:54:30 PM

Dear Mendacious Michael, your new name:

You are a lying, deceitful piece of crap. You have been caught numerous times lying through your dental work. Your credibility is zero.

You have a closet full of crappy Baluch rugs you paid too much for and now you're working on filling up another with ersatz, workshop, late genre Anatolian village rug copies, confections and wanna-bes.

You claim to be a collector but that is just window dressing, as you are actually a self-professed dealer of rugs.

You entire act in rugDUMB is a lie.

You might "like" them but you have a dead-eye that after a decade or more still cannot discern what is great from what is mediocre.

You lie and lie again.

You are the one who is fascinated with RK, not visa-versa.

We told you to take a hike, get lost and take your wanting free advice with you.

But as you try to spin it you told us to get lost. Ha hardy har... more mendaciousness from mendacious michael.

Just more and more lies from you. Can't you tell the truth.

Posting pictures of what we once offered you is just more unwanted publicity for us. Keep it up, putz we could care less.

And your asking magpie faRcebook jockeys their opinions under the guise of seeking knowledge is as fake and phony as the rest of your lame, boring shtick. Even they know that, stoopid.

You are a chump, putz, stick to trying to be a big time contemporary art dealer; as a ruggie you have more than struck out.

And were you not such a egotistical demented control freak you would have already realized seeking and getting RK's help and consultation is the only way for you to make the type of collection of Anatolian rugs you dream about.

So sad but so far all you have done is create an expensive losing nightmare.

Congrats, putz

Author: michael black
email: [email protected]
Tue, Mar 27th, 2018 02:20:17 PM

Jack "Too Stupid" Cassin. why do you respond to me? The answer is because you are a Jackass.You must be delusional as you continue to pander to me asking to have me hire you as a consultant. Are you totally crazy? I have all of your emails also. You must be. The funny thing is that some of the Facebook jockeys really feel sorry for you. God if they only knew you as well as I do. I will continue to post your pieces that you have offered me and see what shakes from the tree.Jack "Too Stupid" No response necessary.

Author: jc
Tue, Mar 27th, 2018 11:41:20 AM

Today we received the rest of the faRcebook thread and had to marvel at the drivel and worthless waste of words the participants spent. With that lame crew what else to expect?

The sole interesting bit is michael rug-putz black stating we offered him the rug for 25K. Not in his wildest dreams.

The rug-putz is a proven liar, so just add this to the long and growing list.

And by the way the fact he once saw the rug in person means nothing, as not only was that was many years ago when his rug knowledge, expertise and connoisseurship was next to nothing but since they have not increased one iota.

So for all you faRcebook jockeys who read RK do not believe a word black says. Better to trust Trump than black.

Author: jc
Mon, Mar 26th, 2018 02:59:45 AM

Dear michael, you delusional rug-putz:

Your posts are always full of distortions, make believe fantasy, and downright lies. This is you, and your accustomed modus operandi.

RK knows enough about you to know we are the only one to experience this. You have tried this on others in the past and will contiue to in the future. You're a bully who uses whatever he has to try and push, control, intimidate and coerce others, particularly those who do not do what you want.

The untruths in your posts are legion.

First off we do not email you every day. The majority of our emails to you are in reply and response to ones you have sent us.

We have a file with far more than a hundred of them from you which prove this beyond any doubt.

It is true we have offered you a grand total of about a two dozen masterpiece weavings over the ten years or so we know you. Some from our collection but surely not the volume of offers you stupidly and falsely claim.

You have purchased to the best of our recollection three of them -- an 18th century Besir Saf and two early 19th century soumak khorjins.

You also committed, again in writing and we have the emails, to purchase two Baluch weavings -- a very interesting and rare circa 1870 prayer rug and a fragment of an exceptional pile khorjin face. But after receiving them you reneged and refused to honor your committment. You even refused to pay the shipping charges after promising you would.

Again we have the email you sent us with that promise.

So mr black, and there is more we could add, your track record of telling the truth, as it is and was not as you might like to see it, is poor. You are an undeniable, serial, rewriter of history.

As for your posting photographs of what we have offered you to learn what the rug community thinks?

This is about as stupid as it comes.

The comments above about the champion ancient Konya yellow rug fragment demonstrate the online internet faRcebook jockey rug community you coddle and covet doesn't know its collective butt from a gopher hole.

Even a rug dummy like you realizes you could care less about what these magpies will say and are only doing it to attempt to irritate RK, which is what this is all about anyway. Isn't it blackowitz?

Since we have rejected all your cheapskate offers for the rugs, we once stupidly believed you might purchase, and your worthless attempts to get our advise and consultation for free you have tried in every way to insult, defame and slander us.

It clear, putz, you and not RK is the cry-baby, crying towel clutching disappointed and rejected suitor.

You claim to respond to what we write about you, the greater majority of the mediocre and far less than masterpiece Anatolian rugs you have recently bought, and your laughable attempts to defame and slander us as amusement that entertains you.

Phuleeze, putz, this is as transparent as saran wrap and just as sticky.

Plus it requires little brain power to see how sick, demented and psychologically questionable such motivation is.

It also shows you have no ability to look in the mirror of truth and see anything but the distorted delusions you live and believe.

Fact is: You respond to us to try and obfuscate the truths we write about you, to pretend that truth does not exist, and to try and convince others you and not RK is an honest broker.

You're no match for us, putz, except in the wallet department but even a conceited clown like you should know money cannot by intelligence, class or character.

And you have prven and continue to that these are three areas in which you are totally bankrupt.

Author: michael black
email: [email protected]
Sun, Mar 25th, 2018 06:03:49 PM

Jack "Too Stupid" Cassin. your posting just shows how insecure and idiotic you are. Get a life you mental masturbation Cowboy. I will never work with you but you keep emailing me daily trying to get me to buy things from you. saying that "You are the greatest rug pundit alive" "the king of the Rugdumb", the head of warps and wefts. Bothering me on a daily basis.You even said you know rugs better than any moth still alive. Are you trying to pull the WOOL over my head. I will keep posting all the pieces you have offered me and see what the rug community thinks. You are a loser and everybody knows it. the fact you even bother to answer my post show how impudent you are. Why bother. I respond to you as folly. I get a laugh out of it. You make me laugh and that is good for me. Thanks jackass.

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