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Sat, Mar 17th, 2018 07:05:47 AM
Topic: rug-putz mike

By now we are sure everyone has heard of mr michael black and his feeble attempts to collect early Anatolian village rugs.

RK has chronologized his buys from jim aka generous jim burns, krikor the over-restorer markarian, and the Alexander collection auction. Besides the 'pink panther' Alexander rug we could care less about the rest he snagged, most of which are later, ersatz,workshop copies. Rug-putz mike surely does not know the difference, and apparently neither do those who are his 'advisors' and consultants.

Rug-putz mike has sent us many pictures asking for our opinion and seeking advice if he should purchase, regardless of the fact he knows well we will not give any more free advise and he has to pay for it. Only a fool and major putz continues to do the same thing and expect a different result.

But not only has black tried to get us to help; he has written a raft of blatantly untrue, slanderous and defamatory bullshit about us on the internet.

We have privately and now publicly put him on notice we will pursue legal means to silence him and seek damages if he continues.

Rug-putz michael is a proven liar, a chisler, an obnoxious over-bearing conceited clown, who has made deals with a number of people and then gone back and refused to honor his word.

He proved to us he cannot be trusted when he refused to pay for two rugs he committed to buy, one we even bought at auction per his say so he would then buy from us. He didn't buy either after they were sent to him.

That experience, and knowing of others he has done convinced us not to send him even a scrap unless he paid for it first. We trust him about as far as we could throw his fat ass and gut. We also suggest others pay heed to his past preformances.

Black comes off as a smart and intelligent guy, but his modus operandi in rugDUMB, and in dealing with RK, has been about as stupid and idiotic as it gets. So maybe he's not so smart and intelligent as he seems.

Fact is: He's a clown with someone else's wallet, who's about as overbearing and obnoxious as they come.

Shame, really, because were he smart and honest he could help raise awareness for early masterpiece weavings.

However, since he knows nothing about what makes a weaving a masterpiece and believes his dead-eye and rug-putz approach will allow him to rewrite the rules anything he does stands about as much chance as surviving as an ice cube on a hot stove.

As we have already written we cannot wait to see the most probably ludicrous 'show' rug-putz mike will do comparing the workshop pseudo Anatolian village rugs he now owns with contemporary paintings he also owns or has sold to his number one "client".

From what we can see this will most likely make Herbert Ostler's long forgotten unmemorable comic book level attempt to do the same thing come off as erudite and of lasting value.

So far rug-putz mike is a proven rugDumb loser, and usless he changes his strategy will remain one.

Author: jc
Sat, Mar 17th, 2018 07:05:47 AM

Like a disappointed child, who cries when he does not get his way, rug-putz mike feels it necessary to say "bye bye" when no declaration is necessary.

It's not hard to imagine there are cracks starting to appear in his once solid belief the Anatolian carpets he bought from burns, markarian, sotheby Alexander sale and other vendors are genuinely old, important and valuable.

He's a smart guy, too smart to keep denying reality, and the fact he has been blinded by an oversized ego and major ignorance that comes from hardly any real knowledge about these weavings is starting to take its toll.

Likewise, no matter how 'stoopid' he brays we are he knows the truth: RK is super knowledgeable, does not lie, and has critiqued those purchases rendering his opinions to the contrary as false and worthless hopium.

Rug-putz mike is in a tough position.

To admit he bought lesser, pseudo-workshop, ersatz, late genre Anatolian village rug copies is impossible with the huge ego he carries around. On the other hand his continuing to pretend what RK has proven -- what he more and more is likely coming to recognize -- is true is equally as untenable since he has publicly stated he will do an exhibition with them, and perhaps from what we have heard he has already pre-sold some or all of them.

Can't back out of that now.

So where does mike the rug-putz go now?

Guess there's always the dog ate my homework excuse

Author: michael black
email: [email protected]
Sat, Mar 17th, 2018 05:48:03 AM

Bye Bye Jack "Too Stupid"

Author: jc
Fri, Mar 16th, 2018 06:53:36 AM

Oy rug-putz mike:

First of all if anyone is fascinated it is you with RK.

You, sir, are not the only person we comment about. But because your efforts in rugDUMB have been so questionable, and the large amount of money you have spent so foolish, only a rug-putz like you would question why RK has given it coverage.

As for your defamatory name calling and insinuations they are as meritless and absurd as your belief you are an important rug collector with a vision and eye that is revolutionary.

This, putz, is laughable, and to use your own word 'pathetic'.

So keep trying to pass the buck and blame RK, but your mirror doesn't lie. Go look in it.

Author: michael black
email: [email protected]
Fri, Mar 16th, 2018 04:19:20 AM

Pathetic JackassJack "Too Stupid"Why do you worry about me? I am sure your readers wonder why you cannot stop thinking about me and the fact that you have nothing to do with my rug choicesI have nothing to do with you BECAUSE: Jack "TOO STUPID"There it is for all to see Jack "TOO STUPID"

Author: jc
Thu, Mar 15th, 2018 03:37:00 PM

In rug-putz mike black's world RK is "too stupid" because we will not give him free advice, or put up with listening to his delusional belief his dead-eye rug vision is superior to ours.

The fact he feels "sorry" for our pathetic life is equally as ridiculous as he knows absolutely nothing about it.

Mike the rug-putz believes he can buy, and has bought, his way into a collection of 'important' Anatolian village weavings. If anyone should feel "sorry" for anything it is he and that mistaken belief.

It's as obvious as rain is wet rug-putz mike feels terribly insecure and is trying to cover-up that insecurity with bogus bravado.

He's a total fool not to realize this is the impression all his big-talking bullshit gives to any reader.

Trying to go toe-to-toe with RK is about as stupid as hoovering up all of Chris Alexander's mistakes, bad buys, over-rated and dated weavings.

Were rug-putz mike a modicum of the rug savant he claims only the "pink panther" would have ended up in his sotheby shopping cart, instead of stuffing it to the gills with what we can only politely refer to as 'lesser' weavings.

But make no mistake about it rug-putz mike is a conceited clown who will never admit his mistakes regardless of the fact they are too obvious and 'too stupid' to cover-up and try to wall-paper over with his brand of name-calling and absurdly egotistical posturing.

Author: michael black
email: [email protected]
Thu, Mar 15th, 2018 01:31:06 PM

Pathetic Jack "TOO STUPID"I feel sorry for your pathetic life.

Author: michael black
email: [email protected]
Thu, Mar 15th, 2018 01:29:17 PM


Author: jc
Tue, Mar 13th, 2018 08:35:57 PM

Since publishing this thread about rug-putz mike we have received several emails questioning our virtually total dismissal of his Anatolian carpet purchases, their value and importance.

We are not going to spend our time or that of our readers to defend that fact by listing and commenting on everything rug-putz mike has bought.

We have already commented on a number of them and feel anyone who has read what we have written and cannot agree is either too ignorant to know the difference or just someone who will not honestly look at the facts.

Case in point, and trust us there are numerous others we could reference, is this 'prayer rug' lot 121 from the Christopher Alexander part one auction.

Lot 121 Christopher Alexander collection auction; sold for a whoppingly excessive 75,000 pounds (93,750 pounds with 25%buyers premium or $123,260

Reading the catalog entry which dates this rug to the 17th century, calls it a "Konya", extols its virtues particularly Alexander's relating it to the justly famous masterpiece saf in the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, Istanbul, only a rug-putz and moron would believe this sale room palavar.

This rug is not 17th century, it's early 19th as far as we are concerned; it is not a Konya but rather a western Anatolian Bergama area weaving; and it surely has nothing to do with, nor is it at all relatable, to the saf in Istanbul.

Clearly rug-putz mike, who prevailed and bought it against several equally as gullible and ignorant bidders, was not alone in thinking it might be what the catalog absurdly claimed.

As P.T. Barnum quipped "There's a sucker born every minute".

However, reality versus a flattering auction catalog description proves this 'prayer rug' is not a valuable acquisition but rather one that is not only of questionable value and importance, it is undeniably so.

RK knows this rug for decades and, in fact, its former owner, michael franses, showed it to us when he first acquired it. We told him then exactly what we know now -- it's an ugly, ungainly, basically worthless workshop confection we would not pickup and take home were it laying there for the taking on the sidewalk.

But rug-putz mike vied to own it and shelled out $123,000 for the privilege. It will be laughable if he repeats the sotheby catalog's ridiculous dating, provenance and description. He probably will.

So is rug-putz mike a connoisseur and are his purchases wise and worthwhile? Or is he the rug-putz, dead-eyed, misguided fool RK has made him out to be?

If anyone needs more proof the latter and not the former is the correct answer we suggest rereading our coverage of the Alexander auction where rug-putz mike splashed out and purchased almost all the Alexander lots, as well as our publishing and commenting on the equally loser carpets he bought from jim burns and krikor markarian.

If you a re still not convinced we suggest you quit thinking you are a rug collector and start collecting stamps or some other collectible that has a name and date printed on it.

Historic Anatolian carpet collecting requires more than a cursory knowledge, familiarity with the literature and name game, or blind trust in any auction catalog or what some dealer will state about his wares.

Only a rug-putz like mike would believe his miniscule understanding of the idiom, his conceited belief his dead-eye is superior to a proven expert like RK, and his wallet stuffed full of his or someone else's dosh entitles and enables him to acquire the real thing.

So far it hasn't. It has only proven what a rug-putz he is, and how the rug game has once again proven it can and does separate a fool from his money.

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