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Sun, Dec 2nd, 2018 11:57:20 PM
Topic: A few pops @ the Poppmeier Auction

Upper: Lot 56 rippon-boswell Poppmeier sale, sold for 51,200 euro($63,020);Lower: Archaic group archetype, RK collection, published IMAGE IDOL SYMBOL: Ancient Anatolian Kelim, 1989, plate 1

What to say? If you cannot see the vast difference between these two weavings better quit trying to collect.

Not only are there centuries of time and refinement between them, an examination of every aspect -- color, design, material and weave -- cannot help to lead to such a conclusion.

We could write pages, however, at this point in time we feel just publishing this comparison should set motivated readers off to do some homework on their own.

We know detlef matlzahn rippon-bsowells owner and honcho is an RK hater. He has good reason, as we have often demonstrated beyond any doubt hes a rug clown, know-little and pompous asshat.

This sentence he wrote from the catalog entry for lot 56 says it all Several comparative pieces have been published, and the two fragments illustrated by Cassin are probably the oldest examples of this rare group.

First off there are far more than several comparative pieces in the literature. But as dumb and self-effacing as this understatement is citing RKs archetypes and calling them probably the oldest examples of this rare group is nothing but downright cretinous and deluded.

The chasm that separates a late droll copy like the Poppmeir kelim from the archetype is so wide and deep even a bumbling feckless douchebag like maltzahn should have been able to honestly portray it and not so disingenuously try to minimize it.

An obvious question is if a kelim like lot 56 makes 60,000 dollars what would the archetype bring. Since there is no chance it will ever be publicly sold RK can assuredly state any such conjecture is just that. But as we wrote in the brief comments before the sale we opine it would make far north of 100K euro.

Lot 56 was the high flyer of the sale, but a few other kelim broke through the 20K euro ceiling. This shows our heralding a reawakening of interest in Anatolian kelim has happened, and if and when superior and earlier examples than Lot 56 appear they will continue to out-preform expectations and punditary predictions.

Early, pre-traditional period aka pre-18th century, Anatolian kelim are far rarer, just as important historically and just as visually impressive and evocative as Anatolian village pile carpets which are a current rug type of choice for high-end collectors.

This will change should equally significant Anatolian kelim find their way to the marketplace.

When and if that happens hold on to your hats record prices will be broken and new far higher ones established.

Disclaimer: Yes, of course, anyone might claim our cheerleading the Anatolian kelim is because we stand to benefit, as we have the only private collection with archetypes and other early Classic period ones.

Rest assured ours will never come to the public market, and based on past preformance will they ever even pass out of our possession. We have owned them for almost forty years and will be very glad to do so for another forty.

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