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Thu, Nov 16th, 2017 04:15:41 AM
Topic: $450,000,000 for a (maybe) Leonardo

Acclaimed by some serious and well-respected critics, disdained by others, last night Christies sold the recently discovered and highly controversial Leonardo Da Vinci portrait of Christ, as Salvator Mundi, the saviour of the world, for a record 450 million dollars.

Guess that makes the most expensive rug purchase, the 33 million dollar ex-Corcoran Art Gallery sickle-leaf carpet as well as a any other piece of art ever produced, cheap beyond belief.

Reading the NYTimes article about the sale and the painting, the following paragraph hit home. We'd like to share it with our readership:

"Its most engaging passages are in the embroidered blue gown that Christ wears. The robes folds are supple and sinuous, and the trim, zigzagged with an elaborate and unbroken knotting pattern, has a mathematical intricacy that gives this Christian painting a surprising Islamic touch. (Technical analysis confirms that Leonardo used pure lapis lazuli for the robe, rather than cheaper azurite.)"

Too bad Leonardo did not weave some rugs, huh?

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