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Sat, Oct 21st, 2017 03:42:00 AM
Topic: And Another Fake (Reproduction) Kelim Appears...

This 100 percent suspiciously questionable Anatolian kelim was recently posted by manfred bieber to his faRcebook page

Yesterday afternoon a reader sent RK a picture of this kelim and a link to the page where it appears.

From the initial moment we saw it we immediately felt it was another fake, probably produced by the same 'artists' who wove the koll/steinbock example we have previously fingered as fake.

Now, half a day later we are ready to brand this one, too, as a FAKE.

The fact manfred bieber, a dealer of newly made Anatolian carpet and kelim copies that he represents as such, believes this one and the koll/steinbock kelim are genuine means little. In fact it means nothing. We sincerely doubt bieber can tell the difference.

From the exhanges we have had with him it is absolutely clear he, like mihael bischoff, knows very little about early Anatolian kelim or how the differentiate between a fake, a new reproduction, and a genuinely early example.

These two half-wit kelim pundits, and others, have assailed us for making these pronouncements without having seen the kelims in person.

Let RK assure them, anyone else, and all our readers, RK does not declare something a fake unless we are 99.9% positive. And that is the level of confidence we place on the two kelim, this one and the koll/steinbock, being newly made reproductions.

What is almost comical is the way both big-talkers, bieber and bischoff, claimed they would go and see the koll/steinbock exhibition and comment on RK's accusations. As yet, neither has bothered to say peep.

This is also typical for rugDUMB, where silence is never interpreted as anything, whereas in the real world when someone makes a statement they should be, and often are, held accountable.

We asked bieber to post larger, higher resolution photos but so far he has not. We sincerely doubt he will. We also do not doubt he will continue to avoid the issue and remain with his head stuck in the sand unaware that his fat ugly butt is sticking high up in the air. Sorry we cannot use it for target practice.

It's in their court, so let's see what bieber and bischoff do now.

Author: jc
Sat, Oct 21st, 2017 03:42:00 AM

Some new information about this kelim and its other half has surfaced and will presumably be noted here asap.

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