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Thu, Oct 19th, 2017 06:01:12 AM
Topic: Punkass in-group [email protected]

"The now up and running exhibition "Silk Treasures: Azerbaijani Embroideries from the 16th-18th Centuries at ANMA Baku includes examples from the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art and loans from the Victoria and Albert Museum London, Museum fr Islamische Kunst Berlin and private collections."

However, it does not include the two examples which are the earliest and most historically interesting now known.

Those belong to RK and because the organizers of the exhibition, and those dolts at that rag hali who played a significant part of the exhibition's planning, are so anti-RK and such RK haters they chose to hamstring their presentation just to marginalize us and ignore our truly important examples.

Here they are and we suggest readers question them as to why our embroideries were excluded from the show.

Ancient corner fragment of long-stitch silk Caucasian embroidery, undyed linen ground; RK collection; published in Kelim Soumak Carpet and Cloth: Classic Weaving of the Caucasus, 1990

Early cross-stitch dragon-rug iconography Caucasian embroidery fragment; indigo dyed linen net ground-cloth; RK collection; published Kelim Soumak Carpet and Cloth: Classic Weaving of the Caucasus, 1990

Both of these ancient embroideries are well-known having been illustrated in our "Kelim Soumak Carpet and Cloth: Classic Weavings of the Caucasus" publication, as well as several times here on RugKazbah.com. The fact they were excluded from this exhibition and the catalog is inexcusable.

BTW RK submitted a brief abstract entry to present a talk about these embroideries and the significant light they shed on the development of the design iconography all these embroideries, and many types of Caucasian rugs, are based. Not only was it not accepted but it was not even acknowledged by these hajji-baba in-group douchebags.

There is an interesting explanation for their in-group behavior that was made popular by Henri Tajfel, who coined the phrase in-group for his studies in social identity. He has this to say about out-group, to which it is obvious RK belongs in rugDUMB: " Outgroup derogation is the phenomenon in which an outgroup is perceived as being threatening to the members of an ingroup."

And they are right. RK's knowledge, experience and presence is threatening because among other acts we are able to expose, as we did here, the blatant prejudice and stupidity organizers like those responsible for this Baku exhibition and those at that rag hali magazine represent and continually practlse.

Is there any wonder in their hands rugDUMB has suffered, and continues to suffer, the drastic precipitous decline in interest that has now become evident to anyone who bothers to take a look?

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