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Sun, Oct 1st, 2017 02:06:25 PM
Topic: Anatolian Kelim....Fake or FAKE part III

They Came, They Saw, They Said Nothing

Fake, new reproduction kelim front and center in the koll/steinbock exhibition

Well, after the farcebook jockeys led by ali reza tuna, aka tuna fish, and michael bischof, aka biTchoff, kicked up a hill of dust and moaned and moaned when RK declared the lead kelim, shown center above, in the exhibition harry, the plagarist, koll and sabine steinbock, his partner in plagarism, organized was a fake not one of them has said even a peep now that it has opened.

Claiming they had to see the kelim in question in person before they could possibly say anything, now that they have their silence is telling.

First it shows how full of baked beans these wannabe expurts and kelimji are, and second it shows that even if they were wrapped up in a kelim they still would not know the first thing about it. All talk no walk, not even a crawl on all fours.

It is truly a shame and big embarrassment even a small regional organization like the Kunstverein Aalen in Baden-Wrttemberg, Germany would bother to exhibit fake reproduction weavings or miserably mediocre ones like the one shown below also from this exhibition.

Junk, late, ugly and art worthless kelim shown by koll and steinbock

The public is not stupid and anyone, even a grammer-school student, could see a weaving like this has no merits other than to kelim dealers like koll and steinbock who want to sell it and use these shows to peddle their wares to the unsuspecting.

RugDUMB is full of charalatans, cheats, liars, going out of business clowns, and plenty of other unsavory types, koll and steinbock belong right at home with them.

So come on now tuna-fish, biTchoff and the rest of you big-mouthed say nothing farcebook jokers lets hear itdo you still believe the first kelim shown above is old and not a new reproduction made to deceive?

The world is waiting and watching, so squeek up

Author: jc
Sun, Oct 1st, 2017 02:06:25 PM

A week has passed and the amnesia appears to be spreading. All the supposed kelim expurts are silent as little mice scurring around trying to avoid the truth.

Either none of them know enough to identify koll and steinbock's kelim as a fake, new reproduction, or they are too shy to publicly tell them the truth.

RK figures both reasons are responsible for the lack of comment.

This is one of the major problems oriental rug collecting suffers, a complete lack of honest rewiew and commentary, forget intelligent and expert.

We are not at all surprised our voice is the only one to call out and document this kelim as a fake, while big talking no walking others like biTchof and tuna fish have their butts sticking out while hiding their heads in the sand pretending the issue does not exist.

Also those lame-brained scribblers at that rag hali whose website heralded the koll and steinbock exhibition and showcased the kelim in question also need to come out and weigh-in on this issue.

Ha, RK knows they surely won't, even if any of them is able to tell the difference between a blatant fake and the real thing.

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