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Sat, Jul 8th, 2017 04:44:43 AM
Topic: No Peer Review, no problem?

FAKE REPRODUCTION Anatolian rug, courtesy dennis r. dodds maqam gallery. This unquestionable FAKE was posted by dodds in a facebook discussion after it had previously been denounced as a FAKE on the "fakewatch" group page. Only an unabashed serial and congenital liar and crook like dodds would have the gall to do this.

There is no doubt the greatest problem the antique oriental carpet business and rug studies faces is the total lack of peer review.

For those of you who do not know what this term means basically peer review happens when the business or work of one member of a group is scrutinized by other members. This can also be called self-governance or self-regulation.

Regardless of the way it is defined it does not exist in our field, and this has allowed many situations and events that would have been immediately shut down to not only exist but to flourish.

RK could make a list as long as our arms off the top of our head to demonstrate this but the most obvious, egregious and continuing violator is dennis r. dodds.

It is unbelievable how this crook, serial liar and inveterate cheat has been able to remain unscathed. The LACMA bogus bellini caper was his biggest and most successful operation but dodds, both before it and now well after, rolls on, his lies and thievery have become so accustomed he cannot possibly stop. He is addicted to lying and cheating anyone he can.

But worse are all the anesthetized rug sheeple who sit on their hands and watch dodds's acts.

Recently, as we have recounted here on rugkazbah.com, RK wasted some hours on facebook and we noticed dodds using this FAKE recently produced reproduction rug in a 'discussion' like it was the real thing.

Calling it "mid-19th century Cappodician carpet" would be outrageous enough because the closest this fake rug ever got to Cappodicia was when the repro artist took his bus ticket to there and laid it on the loom.

But worse this SAME FAKE carpet was denounced as a FAKE in facebook's fakewatch group. But when someone in the discussion mentioned this the post was removed.

Why anyone, even a slug and pond scum slob like ben banayan who is one of the administrators of the "warp and weft" group where dodds posted his FAKE, would protect a crook and cheat like dodds is unfathomable.

There is no doubt facebook is a place for small minds to relate to other small minds and dodds fits in perfectly. However, none of those small minds are as liable and guilty of deception, lies and thievery. And none have ever approached the scale to which dodds plys his deception.

Calling dodds a crook is going light, he is a true criminal -- cheating a major American museum like LACMA, organizing several rug exhibitions in local museums, loading them up with his inventory and then SELLING his crappy rugs off the museum walls is not petty thievery, it is grand larcany.

This miscreant, dennis r. dodds, deserves to be ejected from rugDUMB and condemned by everyone. But of course he won't and dodds will continue cheating, lying ahd thieving.

And quite honestly this is who rugdumb deserves as its highest profile representative.

One thing is sure dodds does not represent RK, never did and never will.

All we can say is we hope dodds's demisal comes soon...real soon.

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