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Thu, Jul 6th, 2017 06:20:41 PM
Topic: Anatolian kelim...fake or FAKE, part II

Good, but not good enough fake Anatolian kelim; a new made to deceive reproduction; advertised by that rag hali as part of the upcoming Anatolian Kilims in Baden-Wrttemberg exhibition; koll and steinbock collection

Despite all the posturing and goings on, the facebook jockeys cannot hide the fact before RK, as Jon Anderson, alerted everyone the koll/steinbock kelim was a fake no one questioned its authenticity.

In fact, the thread massoud the Paris St Ouen flea market/farcebook camel jocky started for it was entitled "Love This One".

And even after Jon posted his denouncement of the kelim as a fake no one believed him.

Big tuna fish, les aka ali reza tunas declared : "Here we have a kilim that is in full tradition and the owners are very very experienced people who have made alot of ground work since many years".

Others made similar declarations the kelim in question was real and right. A neophyte big-mouth named christina wiese stating "Henry (koll) and Sabine (steinbock) are anything but naive."

Chirping in massoud camel jock stated that rag "...hali would not publish it on social media if it was not before 1800", as they claimed.

Well, after Jon/RK posted some additional facts and the photos belowsome of the jockey turned their ponies around, started questioning the going consensus Jon was wrong, and started to believe he might be right.

But others like big tuna fish ali reza tuna chastised Jon and said he had seen koll and steinbock's kelim and it was "...not a fake...". He told Jon/RK "...go and see it when the exhibition opens it will be a new learning experience for you...if it was in your collection...you would say it was...primitive, stylized turbe, half piece used for wrapping the body, etc, bl bla."

Jon/RK answered we would not take it for free.

Gilgonen Collection reproduction fake Anatolian kelim

OK; so after more back and forth, several more accounts disabled and the comments removed, eventually as Hugh Reister RK listed five points to prove our it's a fake pronouncement.

1. the similarity it has to the Gilgonen collection fake (shown above)

2. The similarity it has to an unpublished kelim, also a fake, we have been offered and have pictures of (detail below)

3. the strange and unusual, in fact unknown, wear pattern all three of these fakes have.

4. The strange and highly suspicious colors all three kelim display

5. The unknown designs all three kelin display, and the highly unlikely 'coincidence' three such kelim would show up from out of the blue like mushrooms after a heavy fall rain.

Below are three photos showing the lynch pin of the evidence they are all fakes -- the dubious wear pattern that is clearly man-made, as no early kelim we have ever seen in almost 50 years of looking have this type of wear.

Detail koll/steinbock fake kelim man-made wear pattern

Detail Gilgonen Collection fake kelim same man-made wear pattern

Detail unplublished fake kelim recently offered to RK with same man-made wear pattern

Now some farcebookers believe it is fake, and others still not.

One of the latter group, an old timer who still knows less than hardly anything, ross winter, tried to exonerate poorly equipped harrry koll and sad sack sabine steinbock of any responsibility by stating "the seller should be prosecuted".

What an idiot that ross winter is.

After all koll and steinbock parade themselves as experts and have been widely publicized as such. They have no one to blame but their own bogus far less than expert knowledge and judgement.

They are not experts, they are nothing but poseur dummies.

Remember they had the gumption to use the title one of our books -- Cult Kelim published in 1990 -- for one of their books published about ten years later.

What else to expect other than buying fake Anatolian kelim from such phony baloney blatant plagiarists?

So the story continues: the fake kelim is still up on that rag hali's website but RK's analysis has made a number of former doubters into believers it is the fake we first claimed it was on June 21st.

More to come we are sure, so stay tuned...

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