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Sat, Nov 18th, 2017 06:29:29 PM
Topic: Anatolian Kelim....Fake or FAKE? part I

Good, but not good enough fake Anatolian kelim; a new made to deceive reproduction; advertised by that rag hali as part of the upcoming Anatolian Kilims in Baden-Wrttemberg exhibition; koll and steinbock collection

That the scribblers and puny pundits who toil to produce that rag hali do not know a fake, reproduction allegedly early Anatolian kelim from a genuine one is a given. The level of connoisseurship this magazine displays is far less than the hype it is living on.

Clearly the same unsatisfactory level of knowledge and taste also affects the organizers of this exhibition harry koll and sabine steinbock. These two semi-literate kelimologists have done at least two other similar exhibitions in small local museums and published several books.

One of those books actually plagiarized the title of our decade early publication Cult Kelim and when RK questioned them about it koll stupidly repied Well our title is in German language. What a lame excuse, plagiarism knows no language barriers.

This showed RK these two obviously dumbass fools were not worth a moment consideration. And we have given them none since, their books full of mediocre, average kelim not worth even a first glance, forget any subsequent.

But leading off their publicity drive for this new exhibition titled The Beauty of Simple Things which will commence in September with an clearly fake, ugly and worthless reproduction bodes poorly for their self-proclaimed kelim expertise.

We are not surprised.

Nor were we when we announced during our brief fb sojourn this kelim was a fake and mr tuna fish, aka ali reza tuna, who like his friends kool and steinbock advertises himself as a kelim connoissuer and pundit, complained.

When questioned by him and other equally as confused and ignorant fb kelimji to prove our claim we cited several obvious reasons and referenced another similar fake kelim published in the Gilgonen Collection catalog.

Gilgonen Collection reproduction Anatolian kelim

The similarities of such unusually contemporary design and limited coloration these two kelim exhibit pretty much provide enough convincing proof they were made by the same forgers.

The strange wear patterns they both have even more so.

Their unusual to say the least lack of ancillary motifs, their so open and plain 'look', at the minimum major flags something is not right.

RK has pics of another one of this group of fakes. Another reproduction Anatolian kelim of similar style and look sent to us for sale by a dealer who whether or not knows it is a fake -- and who we suspect well does -might well be the source for all three.

Sorry we cannot publish those pictures as we gave our word not to show them to anyone, and even though the man we gave this promise to is far more than likely party to this con-game we do not take it upon ourself to violate our word because he is a con-man.

There are other tell-tale mistakes this gorup of fakes exhibits but we will keep our thoughts to ourself. We feel the points above are strong enough to support our position.

RK did offer mr tuna fish a wager we could prove koll and steinbocks kelim is a fake but he refused the opportunity to lose his 1,000 euro.

By the way after reading an indictment of the unidentified purveyor of this kelim to koll and steinbock written by ross winter, a minor pundit who has been around for a long time but yet to do anything other than issue hot-air prononcements, RK replied how incorrect and absurd that position was.

Since koll and steinbock present themselves, and have been presented by others, as experts of Anatolian kelim they have no leg to stand on when they buy a fake. After all they are not retail clients who rely on the honesty of a seller.

They are supposed experts slumming around everywhere looking for good buys.

We believe now the only good byes they will be involved in is getting out of the kelim business and posing as experts.

And not soon enough, we have an over-abundance of big talking no walkers like koll and steinbock. Just look into any fb group.

Author: jc
Sat, Nov 18th, 2017 06:29:29 PM

Well it's been two months and not a peep out of big talking ali reza, aka tuna fish, or michael big mouth bischof cocerning their professed visits to see in person the koll and steinbock Anatolian kelim RK has branded a fake, newly minted reproduction.

Their disappearing act is typical for rugDUMB and for those of their ilk who talk and talk but say nothing.

An issue like this -- is it a fake or not -- in any other art area would have raised genuine debate but in the world of oriental rug collecting it became as forgotten as yesterday's news.

Both tuna and bischof mouthed off condemnation of RK's fake label and vowed to 'see for themselves' and prove we are wrong. So where is that proof and whatever happened?

Of course nothing; and while we are at it both koll and steinbock, who hid their heads in the sand pretending no one had challenged them are even more guilty than gate-keepers like tuna fish and bitchoff.

Is it any wonder if a simple exercise like this cannot be undertaken, or even acknowledged past them shooting their mouths off and decrying how bad and evil RK is to even suggest, let alone accuse, them of being too stupid and kelim-ignorants to feature a bogus fake as the lead item in their exhibition -- forget most of the rest of the weavings that are equally as easily forgotten -- no one outside a small group is interested in this subject?

Peer review does not exist, worse it is never even mentioned, and rug collecting is dying thanks to midget brains like koll, steinbock, tuna and bischoff. Hey fools, you reap what you sew. Ain't it about time you realized this and quit the charade?

Author: john lewis Tue, Sep 19th, 2017 05:14:42 AM

Not related to this thread except another exhibition that you may be interested inhttp://www.britishmuseum.org/whats_on/exhibitions/scythians.aspx

Author: jc
Mon, Sep 18th, 2017 02:57:44 AM

It's getting close to the time all the farcebook big-mouths. those who believed this keim is genuine and those who like RK know it ain't, can see it in the flesh for themselves.

The "exibition" will open in a few days, actually on Sept. 24

"Die Schnheit der einfachen Dinge - The beauty of simple things" is open from 24.9. - 12.11.2017.

Let's see who puts up and who shuts up...surely the exhibition's organizers, plagarists harry koll and sabrine steinbock who own the kelim in question or formerly owned it, cannot be trusted to give any honest, forget expert, opinion. So it will be up to farcebook jockeys like bischof, scholten and tuna, who are equally as challenged in the expertise department.

The world is waitng so do not disappoint us, boys, and girls.

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