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Sat, Jul 1st, 2017 03:24:48 PM
Topic: RK and fb

Over the past eight or nine days RK has foolishly spent some long hours on the facebook(fb) website where two groups "warp and weft" and "kilim" are the two most popular for old carpets and kilim.

We have already explained why we suddenly became interested in doing this, and quite honestly we wish we could turn the clock back to just before the first minute we registered as "jon anderson"

We did not use our own name, rugkazbah or weavingartmuseum for many reasons not germane to this short notice. Doubt it would have made much difference. But we did not use our latest computer but rather an old one with little to no information on it. That laptop is now so full of nefarious cookies and other data mining devices we are going to have to completely wipe the hard drive to rid it of these unwanted spying pieces of electronic spyware and other assorted crap.

There is no free lunch and as soon as you go onto the fb website your computer is immediately subject to major invasion of electronic snoopery.

Sure none of us are involved in anything nefarious but still who wants this invasion of privacy?

But what is worse is the amateurish and low-end level of discussion and even conversation there.

In our eight day we did not see or read anything that could possibly be worth putting up with the mini-minded dopey dumbass players, fb jockeys we called them, who frequent these two groups.

Supposedly "warp and weft" has 3200 plus member and kilim about a tenth of that 340 plus. We also noticed each discussion got about 100 or so reads, which is less than our posts here on rugkazbah.com receive.

In our time spent there we came into contact with only a few of that population, most of which we already knew or knew of.

To make a long story short, as chronicalizing this is truly another waste of time, the "jon anderson" account got disabled in two days and all the content we bothered to post removed.

The same happened, mind you progressively quicker, with each of the following 6 alias we assumed to gain entrance.

We had help as the two administrators of these group played ball with us and let us in after each account had been disabled, probably by them.

In other words it turned out into a game where we honestly do not know who was the culprit that continually disabled these accounts and removed the content we placed there.

During these short interludes we did manage to make dennis the liar, cheat and thief dodds look like the stupid conniving creep he is; wen-del swan appear to be the dumbass and hypocritic he is known as; show bertram frauenknecht as the delusional ingrate he is; peter scholten proved a nobody puny pundit not even worth the few seconds it takes to type his name; and several other from rugDUMB's bottom layer, like james mr repro allen.

Others like michael bischof and michael black, aka Mr Park, pretended like they were unscathed but RK riddled them with the truth so heavily only a sycophantic supporter could not laugh at their lame attempts at twisting and bending the situation to try and make it appear they were not down for the count.

So our advice is stay far away from fb. It is a cesspool environment of insideous snoopy invasive electronic monitoring with a population of cretins, Aholes and wimpy douchebags that make turk0tek, which it very much reminds us of, shine like a paradise of carpet intellect and curiosity.

Our fb sojourn did prove one very significant thing: there is no freedom of speech there, censorship is rampant and nobody even bothers to realize its insideousness or bothered to protest the blatant example that the banning our alias became.

It is mob rule, and an ignorant mob at that.

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