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Sun, Jul 2nd, 2017 03:40:23 AM
Topic: michael bischof Anatolian kelim expert or stooge

RK first learned of michael bischof when we saw a presentation he did for turk0tek.com on Anatolian kelim. This was sometime in late November 2002.

After reading though bischof's rambling, say nothing but use lots of words to do it, attempt to show his mastery of the subject we entered into the discussion linked to the presentation.

We soon realized bischof was, as we years later characterized him, like Arnold Schwartznegger's Terminator movie charater. The more we destroyed bischof's arguments, comments and opinions about Anatolian kelims, and showed through documentary evidence how misguided and ass backwards he was, the more he kept on coming up with even more gibberish, false and circular arguments with no facts or proof to support his claims.

We did some checking on him and found while at that time, in 2002/3, he presented himself as a 'researcher' and kelim connoisseur we soon learned he formerly had opened and operated a failed Anatolian rug and kelim gallery, "Gallery Gokpinar" Obergasse 22, 6509 in Lonsheim W. Germany.

We learned this thanks to a review of his gallery written by herwig bartels that appeared in that rag hali issue number 25, Jan 1985.

We then soon found out bischofs research and alleged investigations were not really academically orientated but actually a lead in and come-on to his wanting to develop a consulting business for serious' collectors of Anatolian Village weavings.

As part of that plan bischof advertised certificates he would issue to guarantee certain undefined criteria only he could determine for collectors who wished to have his imprimatur on weavings they owned.

So in fact mr bischof was actually a rug salesman in rug researcher's clothes.

RK began to critique his nonsensical kelimology on turk0tek.com but professor steve price, the bumbling pompous pissant moderator, soon barred RK from participation.

We then moved our critique over to RugKazbah.com and bischof began to bombard our discussion board with posts that included links to outside websites, which is something RK had stopped thanks to spammers littering our board with ads.

We explained this to bischof but he kept insisting we allow him to do it since our credo is everything goes.

Eventually his activities got out of hand when one day he sent 46 posts all of which contained the same link to his website.

Eventually we were forced to ban him from participation. And still to this day he is the only person to have achieved that distinction. The ban has long since expired and he is welcome here as long as he adheres to not insist we allow outside links to his or anyone elses websites. He and everyone is free to list the URL which can be cut and pasted into a browser. RKs board is the most democratic and open forum regardless of the stupid comments some people throw up at us.

Put his name, michael bischof, in our search box and read what occurred in 2003 and afterwards.

RK made bischof look bad in the several subsequent trysts we have had with him, the most recent recounted in Goes Around, Comes Around and Pick the Anatolian Kelim Archetype Parts I & II on our board.

However, not only is mr bischof challenged when it comes to understanding Anatolian kelims, forget the finer points, he cannot tell the truth or even properly recount his own actions. He has accused RK of editing his posts and deleting them. A totally untrue accusation he cannot possibly prove, which is why he never has tried.

He is a stooge, and RK has little desire to once again critique his fractured fairy tale approach to understanding these weavings. But should he care to receive another drubbing we welcome him to bring it on to our discussion board, which is open to all, and besides for a server glitch in the first few weeks of our being online every post ever placed here is still here.

So, mr bischof, quit your biTchoffing and either man up to try and convince RK and our readership of the validity of your kelimology, and do with documentary evidence and cogent argument, or just go disappear into your dream world where you are the Anatolian kelim expert and not the dumbass fool we all believe you to be.

Author: jc
Sun, Jul 2nd, 2017 03:40:23 AM

While michael bischof did stand up against the censorship of information RK posted to fb by reposting several of our exposures of dennis dodds's wholly inadequate rebuttals to RK proofs of his lies, his thievery and his deceptions concerning the LACMA/bogus bellini affair under his own name on the "warp and weft" and "kilim" group pages, even before the former was removed he quickly closed down discussion on the latter which he controlled as administrator.

RK was absolutely disappointed by bischof's unilateral decision and his action. Seems we expect too much of this plodding German, who claims he is for freedom of speech and then stifles it as soon as he gets the chance.

Forget his ass-backwards "kilimology" which is bascially only a front for him to demonstrate his lame self-alleged mastery of the subject and make a buck at the same time by selling his "grading system" certificates.

Just another fb clown and puny pundit to steer clear of by a wide birth.

Author: jc
Tue, Jun 27th, 2017 09:36:10 AM

To his credit Michael Bischof is trying to get the thomas singer account reinstated.

He has emailed RK and said he is doing this and trying to push others to help as well.

If and when the account is reinstated RK will not post anything ever again but we would like to see the contents of thomas singers posts available for anyone to read.

Censorship and denying free and open access to communications is not only undemocratic it is fascism. It has no place in a free society, which is supposedly what we all are living in.

Who ever caused the account to be disabled should be ashamed. They probably will never be outted but if they are be sure RK will not sit quietly by.

Let's see what happens...

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