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Sun, Jan 19th, 2014 11:37:01 PM
Topic: Silence is Consent

(ed. this was originally posted March 15, 2003 and has been in our Archive Topic Area since. It was moved from there to here today 1/15/14)

Unlike other areas on collecting, oriental carpets have always been mired in chicanery and bluster with little or no objectivity or critique available for balance.
This situation perhaps more than any other aspect has limited participation and kept this important art area in the shadows and basement of the art world.
Too often nonsense has been passed off as research and insignificant air-port art weaving as important.
One of the main reasons for this is the lack of knowledgeable critics from outside the "trade" and the unwillingness of those within it to speak out.
The vested interests of those involved, the necessity of commercial interest to over-ride impartiality, the lack of scientific criteria plus other factors have created an environment that quite frankly stinks.
Yesterdays and todays collectors fall hook-line-and sinker for the sales talk from rug dealers that they would never accept from a used car salesman.
Mostly because of the emperor 's new clothes mentality that is pervasive and self-fulfilling in rug circles.

I have never been part of nor party to any of this and it is the reason I have been "black-listed" by the pseudo-high and mighty of oriental "rugdom".
Truly I could care less and have never sought the approval of nor kowtowed to the dictates of the troikas and petty power-cells that "rule" over this little fiefdom.
The rug press, which is limited to hali and gereh, is rife with back-slapping "deals" to further the interests of their advertisers and dealer fair participants.
The ICOC high command is also full of itself and bloated with self-dealing, insider perks and co-operation that would never pass muster with any objective board of overseers.
And now that the ACOR bunch has been effectively melded into the ICOC there is a united front to support and propagandize a "party" line with little or no chance for dissention. Not that this group ever would have been able to effectively create any change anyway.

What I am getting at here is quite simple: It's time for those who are really concerned about these weavings, and not about power tripping or socializing, to begin to clean house here and get the priorities in order.
Don Quixote I ain't nor am I interested in running for president of the "new" rug society. My mention is just to hopefully plant some seeds and though I am willing to water them, I will leave it to others to be the gardeners.
If those who are passionate and truly interested would educate themselves and others, rather than just open their wallets and nod their heads, there might be some chance for a wider public acceptance of the importance these complex patterned weavings have played in the development of art and consciousness.

I well know this will most probably fall on deaf ears but that will not stop me from trying. One thing is sure - succeeding generations will become more are more aware of what we are doing and rest assured it will have significant bearing on what and how this subject will be appreciated in the future.
Whether or not you agree or disagree with what I have written I defy anyone to present any factual claims to the contrary.

Which brings this back to my original thought for entering into such a discussion - Why is there no cogent response to the provocative statements that have and will continue to appear here on RK.com?
By ignoring the reality that their positions are at best tenuous and by putting their heads in the sand dunes of their own self-righteous importance, posers like Weretime and the kaitag girls prove the points made here.
Their silence and refusal to attempt to counter those claims, and others that could be raised, implies they lack the ability to do so - their silence is consent.

RK.com can and will be an open forum where unprejudiced and unbiased commentary can reach a wide audience and if that has to be unilaterally propagated, I will gladly accept that challenge knowing full well an audience for it now exists.

Author: jc
Wed, Jan 15th, 2014 04:34:03 AM

Almost 10 years ago RK posted the above.

Much has happened since, however, we doubt even the most myopic observer could not say what we wrote was incorrect.

Nor do we believe anyone could say what has happened is for the best.

RugDUMB is mired in illusions of self-congratulary appreciation and praise.

An organization like acor (American conference on oriental rugs) bit the dust some years ago. We doubt highly it will be resurrected.

Screen-shot of the acor website Jan. 15, 2014

And the icoc (international conference on oriental rugs) has been reduced to a "tour" group organizer, and we sincerely doubt it too will ever hold another conference in the mold of those from former years.

Screen-shot of the icoc website Jan. 15, 2014

Both these organizations were, no doubt, started with lofty goals but soon it became evident the "leaders" were far more interested in self-promotion, benefit and in-group dealing than egalitarian support for the research, study, appreciation and scholarship their mission statements and published goals espoused.

RK witnessed this first hand, and we are sure anyone who has been involved for two decades or more knows this as well.

But instead of recognizing the truth the acor website still promotes the myth they will be back, and the icoc website calls organizing a "tour" that cost participants thousands to attend a "major event".

Yes, it is a major event -- a major FUND RAISING event to continue the practice of paying the travel expenses for those committees and boards to continue to meet to plan more ways to continue to meet.

And dennis the proven cheat, liar and thief, dodds remains the icoc secretary general.

Not one of the more than fifty people who are on the various icoc organization boards and committees has ever publicly confronted dodds for his 'Bellini" rug rip-off of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Or for using his position to organize several local Pennsylvania museum exhibitions and after stocking them with his inventory then selling his rugs off those museum walls.

Oriental rugs deserve better and more than this.

RK could go on but why bother?

It is a shame we are the only voice brave enough to challenge the status quo and to publicly denounce those whose actions surely deserve to be criticized.

RK is not surprised those we have accused don't like us, nor are we surprised a bunch of chicken-shit chicken-littles, who befriend them or are in awe of their bogus reputations pumped up by and in that rag hali, see fit to level asinine and untrue accusations at us.

Time is wasting and RK has become convinced the situation will never change and rug collecting and appreciation will continue to increasingly fade away for the coming decades.

Or at least until those who now believe they are controlling its destiny die and disappear.

Perhaps then a clean slate will allow proper recognition of the mess they have made and a new group of aficionados will begin to right a ship that is all but completely sunk.

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