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Fri, Jun 9th, 2017 03:43:28 PM
Topic: Pick the Anatolian Kelim Archetype Part I

Upper: Anatolian Kelim fragment, marshall and marilyn wolf collection, unpublished but exhibited in NYC April 2008; Lower: Anatolian kelim fragment, RK Collection, published IMAGE IDOL SYMBOL: Ancient Anatolian Kelim, 1989

Earlier this year a reader emailed and told us of a discussion on facebook about one of our Anatolian kelim. In fact, the one shown above.

We did not pay it any mind and expressed little interest in having him email us more copies of what was being discussed when he offered.

We put half quotation marks around discussion to signify our lack of respect for what we saw going on in this facebook group from what he sent in that email. The particular group, called Warp and Weft, is closed, which means a moderator has to approve someone before they can post comments, or even read what is there.

As Groucho Marx once quipped Id never join any club that would have me as a member and RK kinda usually follows this thought. Especially about anything that is social media where the lowest common denominator usually ends up ruling the roost.

Anyway recently, many months later, we got another email from a different reader asking us if we knew about a facebook discussion of our kelim, and if so what we thought about what was being discussed. This time we answered the reader back and in doing so learned it was that same facebook discussion and that it was still going on.

This struck us as something we, maybe, should check out. So we dusted off an old email address we had used in the past as one of our strawman aliases and joined facebook.

To make the story move along here we were admitted into the group by the moderator, who by the way is a flea market dealer in Paris who believes he is far more knowledgeable than he actually is. Forget about his thinking that he is an important wheel in rugDUMB. Well, frankly that he is, in the DUMB part for sure and nowhere else.

So we emailed him through the facebook system and soon were admitted to the group.

We found the discussion thanks to it being the first item one would see on the groups homepage.

We read the long thread and then joined the discussion. To make the story move along again soon two of the participants -- the moderator massoud milani and peter scholten -- began insinuating the strawman alias was RK in disguise.

OK, fine and well as RK did not do much to disguise ourself, nor were we really trying.

We never admitted it was us, nor did we flatly deny it, holding out the position it did not make any difference who we were and what was important was what we were saying. This went on for a couple of hours until finally they discovered the strawman was in fact RK.

Things went very quickly downhill from there and RK took our strawman and retired from the group. However, we only did so after lobbing a few volleys in the direction of milani and the rest of the RK haters, scholten included.

There really was absolutely nothing of interest going on in that discussion of merit including another RK hater and kelim wannabe pundit michael bischofs continuing attempts to prove his ass- backwards theories about Anatolian kelims at RK expense.

To call bischof a fool, milani a clown and scholten a plodding, confused ruggie might describe the first tier of posters to that thread.

There also was someone called Les Tunas Feierabend, who unlike them was a bit less demonstrative concerning his lets just call them disagreements with RKs published Anatolian kelim research.

No matter, or big deal for us; as far as we are concerned we know what we know and so far have never heard or read anyones cogent critiques of our work.

We mention all this to put into context the following, which is the reason for this story getting published here on rugKazbah.com: The second picture above, the marshall and marilyn wolf kelim fragment.

We had never seen it before and decided to memorialize our thoughts about it.

But before we do so, which we promise will be sooner than later, we urge interested readers to carefully compare the two kelim to see what the differences might be and how those differences could be clues to build the case for thinking one is earlier than the other, or that they are the same age.

To be continued, stay tuned.

Author: jc
Fri, Jun 9th, 2017 03:43:28 PM

The little minds and big egos of the facebook jockeys in the Warp and Weft group could not accept RK's comments and about an hour ago disabled our 'account'.

This did not surprise us, we knew our brand of truth saying and knowedgeable critique would not go down well with those, like milani and scholten who believe their thimble of rug expertise is really a bucket full.

So good bye, and Ta-Ta; their loss far greater than ours, that's for sure.

And we will, soon, detail our thoughts about the two kelim.

stay tuned...

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