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Tue, Apr 11th, 2017 03:21:04 AM
Topic: There's no success like failure...

"There's no success like failure, and failure's no success at all"

So crooned Bob Dylan in Love Minus Zero/no limit, one of his great early songs.

RK was just prodded into quoting Dylan's realization after reading on that rag hali's website this stupid headline: "Success for the Vok Collection at Rippon-Boswell"

that rag hali's website April 11, 2017

What tripe and complete bullshit.

Success for who? Surely not Vok, who lost between 30 and 50% of what his collection, his books about his collection, and his promotions of his collection cost him.

If that's success then War is Peace and Truth is Lies.

Give me a break you clowns and stooges who write this drivel.

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