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Mon, Apr 3rd, 2017 08:55:40 AM
Topic: McMullan Award Sinks Below Zero

Three ass-hats: Left to right - bruce "big mouth" baganz; Ignatus "checkbook" Vok; detlef "deadeye" maltzahn

This is ludicrous and takes the McMullan award, which has been sinking like the Titanic for the past decade and more, to a level that is astoundingly unacceptable.

After giving the award to himself, the crook and thief dennis dodds, jon "the con mr Imreli" thompson and a host of other douchebags, having baganz bestow it on an auctioneer and a collector, who has said absolutely not one word that could even in baganz's parlance been called rug scholarship, is completely bogus. Even in laughing-stock rugDUMB this is beyond idiocy.

By the way maltzahn's rug scholarship could not fill a toddler's pinkie sized thimble.

Yessshhhh, time for a major reality check here. Who's going to be next years recepient, rosalie and mitch rudnick?

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