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Thu, Mar 30th, 2017 06:11:59 AM
Topic: Sweeter the second time around?

The two pictures of the same kelim below are from the Vok sales. The upper from the first sale and the lower from the third.

Vok sale 1 lot 86, sold for 4,880 euro with premiums

Vok sale 3 lot 226, sold for 6,710 euro with premiums

From all appearances one can rightly assume the buyer in the first instance did not follow through and complete the sale. In this case the auctioneer will try to sell it to the under-bidder, and failing that offer it to other buyers.

Seems maltzahn was unable to get anyone to buy it and then slipped it into the last sale hoping to finally unload it. But Lo and Behold it sold for more the second time around, regardless of the fact he could not sell it to the under-bidder or anyone else for more than a year and a half.

Go figuretypical irrational auction action by nave and challenged biddersmore about those bidders and the action at the Vok sale coming, so stay tuned.

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