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Sat, Mar 25th, 2017 12:55:47 PM
Topic: Horseshit 2

Speaking of horseshit RK just finished perusing the latest NERS(new england rug society) newsletter.

What a load of rubbish this folksy review of rugDUMB events tries so desperately to portray. Reading it being akin to listening to Donald el Trumpo's proclamations and believing what only his more ferverent kool-aid imbibing drunk acolytes believe.

This newsletter ain't news, it's nothing but propaganda and hype with a capital P & H.

For instance in this issue some nameless NERS newsletter writer persists in characterizing rageth's Turkmen book as "important".

Whereas in reality, a commodity in such terribly short supply in rugDUMB it is virtually non-existent, no one has yet to provide even one example of anything that truly is important about it. Well, other than the fact rageth made an almost 20 career living off the skim he managed to take from the 'donors' who ponied up cash to finance the project. As well as getting 30% under the table commissions from all the c14 dating done under his auspices.

The book is a major failure on any level other than having been an extended meal ticket for rageth.

Then the NERS newletter hypes a talk dewitt(less) mallary, the rageth book's distributor and english editor, will give. This is something that can only be interpreted as far from unbiased. Worse, mallary is a barely functioning turko-illerate who couldn't find his way out of an open paper bag with a GPS device in hand.

NERS might as well call his talk a paid advertisement.

But the horseshit meter explodes when trying to get a reading on the newletter article recounting mitchell rudnick's pre-rudnick auction talk.

Not only is mr rudnick a perfect clone of a wimpy Caspar Milquetoast character but he also is, perhaps, the most intellectually ungifted rug collector RK has ever had the displeasure to meet. To say mitchell was just along for the ride his big mouthed totally obnoxious wife, roselie, was charting gives him far too much credit as a sidekick.

She knew next to nothing about rug collecting but that was oodels and oodels more than this big, goofy wallet-opening nebbish will ever.

And his 'talk' about his and rosalie's adventures in the rug collecting-game was about as thrilling and exciting as watching someone flipping burgers in a McDonald's kitchen.

Sorry, mitch, but buying a rug from ebberhart herrmann in his former gallery, or from a sale at sotheby or skinner is not adventurous, and trying to pretend boarding a flight to Munchen Germany is surely does not equate with hands on discovery of undiscovered woven treasure.

Mr and Mrs rudnick were not savvy, stylish, self-educated collectors. Rather they were borderline stupid, sychophantic, self-impressed hungry for recognition wallet-carrying schleppers who lived a rug collecting dream that was nothing but, in reality, a nightmare.

The pathetic failure of their collection auction was not due to anything other than the fact they bought the wrong rugs at the right time they could just as easily have acquired the right rugs.

The flatulent praise the NERS newsletter, added to that which has already broken-wind in that rag hali's rudnick auction review, is as big a lie as the proverbial check's in the mail and I won't cum in your mouth memes.

The fact Mr rudnick has been contemplating legal action against the two dealers, who 25 years ago sold him and rosalie the over restored, mediocre Star Kazak that was the unavoidable 2,000lb elephant those in the know saw in the auction room, is perhaps the best demonstration of what a total moron this man truly is.

Rugdumb will not miss the rudnicks and is better off without them. But it is just as sure the group of dealers who profited from their business will.

However, even they will not miss them as much as the rudnicks will miss the delusional illusion they were big wheels in the dysopian mechanism that drives rugDUMB ever more into the abyss of art world oblivion.

Good riddins to the rudnicks and all the pomposity, pseudo-grandeur and self-congratulary bullshit they espoused and typified. Amen...

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