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Sun, Feb 26th, 2017 09:16:28 AM
Topic: Truth and/or Consequences

Since starting RugKazbah.com RK has often come under attack from a number of people for supposedly using this website as an 'attack site' and not as one that is in any way trying to enrich the study of historic oriental rugs and rug collecting in general. We would never deny we have taken people in the rug community to task for their statements but we have not done this without reason, nor have we ever attacked anyone who did not deserve it.

We also have provided a substantial amount of information about historic rugs and other weavings, much of it original, as well as publishing pictures of unpublished historic rugs from our collection. We have commented about many auctions and exhibitions, and have built up a loyal and large audience.

There is a big difference between calling someone out for their deeds or statements by proving with document and fact why they are wrong rather than just claiming so without any proof. Plus, it's easy to make ad hominen attacks but far harder to substantiate why someone needs to be called out.

We believe we never cross the line and attack someone without providing prima facie evidence for our position. And, more so, we never attack anyone who doesn't have it coming.

True, true no one appointed RK as the rug police but since we saw no one else brave enough or knowledgeable enough we felt we had to assume the position. And we believe we have done so fairly and justly.

In another place on RugKazbah.com we published Pope's criticisms of the rug scene in America circa 1925. He was clearly correct then, and quite frankly we are completely correct now.

Despite all the flak our detractors have aimed at us no one has ever demonstrated any instance where we have attacked someone without justification. Nor where we have done so without providing documentary evidence.

This is a big point and one that is the impetus for this short note.

We have made it clear to all we stand by our words, our words are not carelessly thrown around, and we will be glad to post a retraction when it is proven we have wronged someone, be it intentionally or unintentionally.

In closing it is quite amusing all of our most vocal detractors are among the very persons who we have chosen to critique and often to ridicule. And while they have moaned and soaked their crying towels trying to exonerate themselves from our accusations we do not believe any unbiased observer would agree with them. The proof of our critiques, attacks and ridicule is there for all to see and were we so wrong, as these detractors claim, they could always defend themselves, RugKazbah.com is an open platform for all. Or should all else fail they could seek legal means to rectify the wrongs we have allegedly caused.

However, none of them have ever tried any of this. The reason is patently clear -- they have no evidence to prove we have slandered or defamed them.

There is alot wrong with rugDUMB but the fact no one stands up to voice their opinion unless it 'agrees' with what is the party line is the most grevious and debilitating.

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