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Mon, Feb 20th, 2017 01:56:29 PM
Topic: Goes Around, Comes Around

RK does not have any interest or pay any attention to facebook.com oriental rug 'discussion' groups. And while sometimes readers email us some commentaries from these groups, so far we have never seen anything that might even approach interesting, let alone be interesting.

Those who frequent them fall into two categories from what we have seen. The first is novice, newbie, people who are 'interested' in old rugs and are looking to these groups to somehow 'teach' them something, often about something they have seen for sale, or bought.

The second type are best described as wanna be pundits, who have mastered the lingo of rug collecting far more than they have mastered the knowledge of what rug collecting is all about.

Basically, the situation can be called the blind leading the deaf and blind...not a pretty picture for sure.

Recently, in fact yesterday, someone emailed us a current 'discussion' about Anatolian Kelim where RK's name, our ideas about Anatolian Kelims and pieces from our collection featured prominently in the sing-song punditary chirping.

We are not going to waste our time, or glorify, what was said, we are sure readers can find their way to read it on their own. But we will, once again call out michael bischoff, who is like the Schwartznegger 'termminator'. You just can't get rid of him, fill him with lead and what's left just keeps on coming.

We are mentioning this to set the record straight and provide the facts against the nonsense bischoff is still peddling.

Here is what he wrote about us and linked to the facebook page:

Cassin, Jack: Image Idol Symbol: Ancient Anatolian Kilims. New York: Jack Cassin, 1989.

A very nicely produced opus in 2 volumes about 10 kilims, of which 5 or 6 are indeed early kilims. It was impossible for me to review it as at no single spot there is a statement that is definite and nails down the authors opinion. It is a kind of parody of art dealers argot: ...if one sees this motive .... and compares it with this... then one might feel tempted to compare it with..., this type of bla bla. More or less the authors mind flies in the direction of Mellaart/Hirsch/Balpinar. The pestiferous use of the term iconographic without a single proof makes the handsome booklet difficult to digest and enjoy.

It's easy to throw stones but hard to hit a target would aptly describe bischoff anti-RK diatribe.

First off RK put Mellaart, Balpinar and Hirsch together, originated the idea of doing the book that eventually became "the Goddess from Anatolia", and was the original publisher.

We also were going to write a chapter linking Mellaart's archaeology with Balpinar's field work. That chapter was then broadened and formed the text for our Anatolian Kelim book.

We have already written why we dropped the Mellaart, Balpinar and hirsch project and turned it over to John Eskenazi. No need to revisit that.

But the fact remains our work with Anatolian Kelims did not "fly in the direction of Mellaart/Balpinar/Hirsch but rather was the original impetus for their book, and our book "Image Idol Symbol: Ancient Anatolian Kelim went yards past "The Goddess from Anatolia" and proved with fact, not fiction, our theories.

Probably big-mouth bischoff, as we have called him, has never even read what we wrote because if he had he would not be writing "It was impossible for me to review it as at no single spot there is a statement that is definite and nails down the authors opinion.". Even an intellectual blowhard like bischoff would realize that comment does not hold even a drop of reality.

We could go on, but why bother when bischoff proves himself by not even getting the title correct: It is Image Idol Symbol: Ancient Anatolian KELIMS, not Image Idol Symbol: Ancient Anatolian Kilims. And there are only NINE Kelim published in the book, not ten as bischoff erroneously writes. We'd bet apples to Benjamins he never read the book and probably never even saw it in person.

What's wrong with this picture and the larger one of the clown-show that he and a few of the other contributors to this facebook rug group paint?

Throwing stones and missing targets is no accomplishment, and while RK is definitely a stone thrower we know how to hit the target. Clearly facebooker's like bischoff and a few other names we could name don't.

As el Trumpo would say: Sad.

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