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Thu, Jan 12th, 2017 06:04:18 PM
Topic: Textile Museum DC Makes the News

If G.H.Myers, the illustrious founder and guiding light of the Textile Museum, is not already roiling enough in his mausoleum today's news added another reason for Myers to curse the living.

RK just spied the following news tidbit:

"Washingtons Kalorama neighborhood just keeps getting swankier: Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeffrey P. Bezos has bought the former Textile Museum, a 27,000 square-foot property, intending to convert it into a single-family home, according to a person with knowledge of the sale."

Myers has had alot to roil about thanks to the feckless actions and decisions made by bruce, aka big-mouth, baganz and the rest of the ass-hats who sit on the Textile Museum's board of directors.

After wasting about a decade and almost all the good money from the Museum's dwindling coffers trying to 'save' the Museum big-mouth bruce proudly announced the 'merger' with George Washington University as a last-ditch move.

True, the Textile Museum was installed in a purpose-build building on the University campus, which was opened several years ago. But since then the museum has disappeared from view. Rumors have it this hiatus will continue for several more until baganz and the rest of the museum's leadership can get their shit together and do something.

But RK and anyone else who has followed the situation knows baganz is a helpless moron who could not plan and execute his exit from an open paper bag, and has proven incapable at every turn of the screw.

Frankly, it would have been better for the Textile Museum to have ended up in that ditch rather than be so-called saved from it by big-mouth.

So now the stately home of the Textile Museum, that had formerly been Myer's personal residence, will be occupied by jeff bezos and all his cronies who propelled his company, Amazon, into becoming a household word.

All RK can say is poor G.H. Myers for having had his plans and well-thought out preparations for a museum that would honor and exault his magnificent collection of weavings for eternity destroyed by a pompous douchebag schmuck and a half like big-mouth baganz.

Myers was a no nonsense guy and we are sure when baganz meets his makers, which cannot come soon enough, Myers will be there to grab him by the scruff of the neck and apply enough shoe leather to baganz's generous butt to kick him half way down into Hades. No worries as baganz will travel the rest of the way on his own thanks to his dastardly deeds. And destroying the Textile Museum we are sure is not the only one.

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