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Fri, Nov 4th, 2016 01:01:01 PM
Topic: michael franses's NERS bait & switch

Last friday, October 14, 2016, michael franses was scheduled to give a talk to the New England Rug Society(NERS) members and anyone else who wished to attend.

Widely advertised as ""An Attempt To Group the Origin of Some Central Anatolian Carpets Made Between 1500-1650", at the last minute franses got cold feet, changed his mind, and for the umpteenth time once again presented his "Some of the Oldest Surviving Carpets and Tapestries" talk.

He has already given this presentation a number of times, and since 2011 it has even been posted online and can be seen and heard here:

RK has also long ago critiqued the raft of nonsense franses tries to make believable about a number of these rugs and our comments can be read here on RugKazbah.com:

Why did franses change his mind and fail to deliver on his original advertised talk?

Perhaps RK most recent comments had something to do with it, as we mentioned his supposed upcoming NERS talk here:

This is what we said: "And, by the way, RK would relish the chance to hear and critique franses's latest talk "An Attempt To Group the Origin of Some Central Anatolian Carpets Made Between 1500-1650" he will be delivering on his upcoming American tour. Too bad his qualifications as a 'scholar' of early Anatolian rugs is rampant with public proof he knows next to nothing about these weavings.

Need proof: That rag hali is full of old advertisements showing 18th and 19th century Anatolian rugs franses claimed to be centuries older.

And the famous bogus bellini dennis dodds cheated the Los Angeles County Art Museum's Collector's Committee into purchasing was originally michael franses's, who claimed it was 17th century in print and told dodds it was 16th century when he pawned it off on him, not the circa 1750-1800 late genre period reproduction everyone with a brain now knows it is.

To try and disprove this lack of knowledge and expertise of Anatolian weavings RK claims, someone might say those adverts in that rag hali are twenty years and more old, and it was thirty years ago that franses owned the bogus bellini. So even if he did not know enough then, surely now decades later he does.

Well, let's all remember the very recent Gunther Raps Saga where franses tried to pawn off a bunch of over-rated, over-dated and over-priced Anatolian rugs on someone he thought was an unsuspecting rich sucker. This happened only two years ago. And it conclusively proves either franses still knows little about these rugs as RK claims, or he is an unscrupulous cheat who knew his merchandise was not what he claimed but did it anyway to try to make a buck.

To say franses is on shakey ground when it comes to early Anatolian rugs is something he would have to go a long way to try and disprove. And should he ever try RK will be glad to disabuse him of the notion any time he wishes to get on a stage with us and debate his knowlege, and his career in rugDUMB.

Lastly, this upcoming tour to the USA is not so much to give talks but to try and enlist American collectors, museums and anyone else with an open wallet to fund his grandiose publication plans.

Lots of luck, franses, let RK make a prediction: You will go back to London with your hat in your hand and it will be empty."

'Nuff said...

Author: jc
Fri, Nov 4th, 2016 01:01:01 PM

According to NERS latest newletter franses claimed the talk he gave has only been given once before, and that was at the Turkmen carpet 'symposium' held at rippon-boswell where the seriously flawed rageth Turkmen book was 'celebrated'.

Any reason to 'celebrate' that book is as specious as franses's claim his talk has only been given once before. And while RK attended neither of those presentations, we have seen the original when he first gave it in Doha. RK saw the podcast of that online.

We also have read the pdf, which like the podcast is the complete talk, and it also is still available online.

RK has not doubt franses might have added a slide or two, plus some comments but to claim the talk was an entirely new one, as he has, is but another demonstration of franses's habit of bending the truth to the breaking point.

He has been doing this for decades and by now, we are sure, even he doesn't know the difference between his fantasy view of reality and what actually is fact.

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