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Fri, Sep 30th, 2016 05:13:20 PM
Topic: Why don't you fix the site

RK Replies:

Greetings Darwin:All the links you mention are working, and have been. So perhaps there is some problem with your computer. Try to clear all the cache. Also what browser are you using?

The links to other websites, like cloudband.com etc, that are not working means those websites no longer exist. This is obviously something we cannot fix.

And frankly there is no reason to sign up since all the functions, besides listing something for sale, can be accessed without registering.

Also, since there has been no activity, nor the seeking of any, to buy or sell since the first month or two RK went online, and that was in 2002, we sincerely doubt you or anyone else wants to participate.

Please write back if the problems, except registering still exist.

Once again, there is absolutely no need to register to view any of the content on this website.

Anf if you wish to email the webmaster or RK use [email protected] or [email protected]


Several times over the last couple of years I've stumbled onto this site and each time was frustrated because most of the links do not produce more then an error message. This includes trying to sign up, pictures in the buy & sell area and even the links on the "Links" page. Most are defunct.

There seems to be no way to contact web master either.It sure would be nice if these problems could be corrected...

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